Fashionistas, I’m always trying to refresh my living space with items that either go with the season, or simply fit my current tastes. Large pieces of furniture can be incredibly expensive and difficult to move and store, so I opt for small housewares to give my home some extra spunk.

If you’re like me and like to change it up a bit on occasion, you’ll be happy to hear that if you’re a part of the Goodwill Rewards Club (in the Washington, DC area), you can receive 30% off ALL used housewares on Wednesdays during the long and great month of October. To be a part of this program ask our cashiers about it on your next Goodwill visit!

Keep your eye out for these 6 items under $6. They are must-haves to spice up your home!

1) Seasonal living room decorations. As you might’ve noticed, I’m a big fan of the color pink. It’s one of my favorite colors of all time! Although it might be a bit girly, the right shade of pink can bring a bright and springy feel to your home, even as the weather gets colder. If you love the spring or summer, why not try and embrace the season year round? Who said a season had to dictate the colors that you wear, and colors you use to decorate your living space?

I especially love the pink ball made of sticks or weeds; it’s very unique and resembles a piece of artwork. Just as it is in the picture, I’d make it a focal point of a table.

2) Table Settings. Speaking of table settings, you can spruce up your living room with a new full table setting from Goodwill. You can purchase rustic, shabby chic, mod, or contemporary pieces for a dining room table, each for far below $6. Last time I visited Goodwill, I picked up a set of 6 bright red brand new Crate & Barrel placements for about a buck each. I was beyond stoked. I believe to make a table look very classy, placements can do the job and add another layer of detail, but I digress.

Out of the two options, here which setting is your fav? I love the blue one! The orange flower (under $1), and the blue color bounce off of each other quite nicely and can add a Spring vibe to one’s home, no matter how the temperature feels outside.

3) Salt and Pepper Shakers. One last tangent on table and kitchen housewares, I love collecting salt and pepper shakers with a passion. When done right, they can be a conversation piece at a table if they look like these little sculpture ones pictured above. Each of these was under a buck and they’re made in the 1970’s. To top it off, they are constructed out of pewter, meaning they originally retailed for a pretty penny and will last forever! Should I even use these or have them as table decorations? I can’t decide!

4) Wood Appetizer Dish. In the fall, I’m particularly into mid-century modern wood pieces. They’re well made, come in rare and quality types of woods, and have a timeless feel. If you have an Instagram account, look up #midcenturymodern or like to peruse Pinterest houseware photos, you’ll see this style pop up quite a bit. Vintage, both clothes and house decor is coming back in style, so you better pick it up quickly before it’s gone!

I just scored this walnut wood appetizer dish last week for under $3, but am repurposing it as a jewelry tray. It has a beautiful cut to it, that’s clean and elegant.

5) Wooden Trays. Although they look simple, these wooden trays are pieces I’m currently obsessing over. They were made in the 60’s out of teak wood, and are glazed with a beautiful golden finish. I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet….any suggestions? Maybe for rings? Food?

6) Halloween Decorations. We all know Halloween is right around the corner, so why not get a little festive and deck out your door, ornament your table, or wake up your wall with some cute Halloween decor? I know I’m already starting to whip out my festive decor.

Whether you like glitzy Halloween garb, or more simply playful items, Goodwill has you covered. Each piece above was DEFINITELY under $6, and with your October discount, it will be even less!

Maybe I’m just a girly girl (loving pink and all that jazz) but that glittery purple pumpkin is so cute! If I could, I’d keep that out year round. Don’t judge me! Hahaha!

What items are you excited to purchase? If you see any sugar dishes, let me know! I’m looking for one. 🙂