The other day I was coming home on the Metro after a drenching storm when I saw a fellow traveler with her pants rolled up.  Now, these may have been a fashion statement, but I think she was just trying to keep her pants from getting soaked in the downpour.  It wasn’t the most fashionable look and it’s an easily avoided faux pas with a little forward planning.

I'm staying fashionable through the storms.

I’m staying fashionable through the storms.

Did you know, dear readers, that our beloved city of Washington DC gets just as much rain as Seattle? I don’t think that will come as a surprise to those of you who live here.  We may not get the constant drizzle of the other Washington, but showers and thunderstorms are a regular part of our lives so there’s no excuse for a fashionista not to be prepared for rainy weather.  It might seem silly, but check the weather report every day.  Yes, I know, it’s going to be hot every day, but it’s not really the temperatures you have to think about, it’s the precipitation.  Rainy weather calls for different fashion choices than sunny weather.
shoes for rainy weather

Heels and wedges are your friend on wet days.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.  Rain boots are the obvious choice when it rains.  They guarantee dry and happy feet and protect your calves from puddles as well.  But I know they’re not for everyone.  I usually only wear them when I’m running errands, not to work, because I can’t wear them at work, so I have to bring a change of shoes.  For those who are rain boot averse, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of soggy shoes.  Instead, choose shoes with some kind of heel, wedge, or platform that will keep your feet elevated and out of puddles.  Flats are a no go because they’re just going to leave you sloshing through water.  Also, choose a closed toe shoe, or a very high platform, to keep your toes from getting drenched.
clothes for rainy weather

Go for higher hemlines when it rains to keep your clothes dry.

We’ve got your feet covered, now let’s talk your legs.  It’s really up to you whether you wear pants, skirts or dresses on a rainy day.  All can work but it’s important to consider the length and color.  White is just a disaster waiting to happen.  Either the water is going to soak through the fabric, leaving your unmentionables on a display, or the splish and splash of puddle water will stain it, leaving your cursing the rain gods.  Trust me, white is for sunshine only.  For length, go no longer than ankle length.  That will prevent the hem of your pants or skirt from getting wet and will leave you nice and dry for the day.
Last but not least, keeping your top dry means toting an umbrella or sporting a rain coat.  I alternate, depending on what I’m doing.  Rain coats can get hot during the summer, but I like that they leave my hands free and are easiest when I’m walking DC’s busy streets.  Make sure you get one with a hood!  I like an umbrella when I’m carrying a purse I don’t want to get wet (hello leather!) and I’m just quickly running into a store or business.
So fabulous fashionistas, I’ve shared my tried and true tips for fashionably navigating this summer’s inevitable summer showers.  Remember that weather is no excuse for not looking and feeling fabulous.

What are your tips for surviving the rain?  Do you change your outfit according to the weather or are you wearing whatever you want whenever your want?  Let me know in the comments!