I am bringing you some more fashion trend news today, dear readers. This little tidbit should give you a little sparkle in your eye as, together, we all anxiously await warmer temperatures. I’m still reviewing footage from NYFW and I’ve spotted yet another resurfaced trend. Although, this one is far more recent than many, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this little throw back.
Made famous by 90’s “it” girls like Jennie Garth, Jen Aniston and Kate Moss, the high neck and square neck styles are iconic of their looks. Exposed shoulders were seriously in back when 90210 and Saved By The Bell were airing. Although, tie-back halters were undeniably a ring leader in trendy tops, the high and square neck was definitely equally as popular style.

90's high neck and exposed shoulders on Jenny Garth via the Huffington Post

90’s high neck and exposed shoulders on Jenny Garth. Image by the Huffington Post

Jessica Alba circa 1999 in a high neck 90's style!

Jessica Alba circa 1999 in a high neck 90’s style! Image by the Huffington Post

In a nutshell, this 90’s look can be described as a higher, square neck with lots of shoulder exposure. I honestly feel like this cut can flatter any body type. There is something so beautiful about a woman’s shoulders. Anyone else agree? These necklines leave the collar bones and full shoulder exposed but still feature a higher cut neck which gives the style a modestly sexy look.
This trend isn’t brand new to the fashion scene but I was unsure of its ability to appeal to the masses. It cropped up (literally) in teeny-bopper stores like Forever 21 which usually means it’ll be a short-lived, narrow scoped trend. After taking a look at the runway shows, the neckline is now appearing in full length blouses and summery dresses. This gives me hope that we will see it catch on with all generations – not just the millennials.
Elle Magazine put together this collage of the 2015 styles. I am loving this line in darker colors like navy and black!

I am loving this line in darker colors like navy and black! Image by Elle Magazine

I’ll be looking for a square neck, dark tank dress for my styling of this trend. I imagine that will be a perfect, versatile piece for nights out on the town. I’d also be up to entertain the idea of a crop top with this neck line if paired with something very high-waisted after my success of rocking on this winter!

What’re your thoughts on high necks and exposed shoulders for the warmer weather?

Will you be rocking this style?