If I had to list my top 5 items you should thrift instead of buying brand new; lamps would be number 2 on that list. Every Goodwill location that I have visited always has a shelf full of lamps. I found these lamps at the Goodwill in Waldorf. Initially, I didn’t buy it, I wasn’t in love with it at first, but when I got home, I could see it in my family room styled with a painting I had recently thrifted. Luckily when I went back the next day, they were still available. These were definitely a score; I paid $8.00 for both lamps after rounding up my total.

If you know me personally, then you know I love brown tones in my homes. I decided to use dark walnut spray paint for these lamps. To get started, I covered the lamp socket and plug. I only needed one can of spray paint for both lambs. The lamps were completely dry in 4 hours. This was a simple and easy process.

I tried to thrift lampshades but didn’t find anything I liked. So I recycled lamp shades I already had, and just like that, my thrifted lamp makeover was complete.

Sometimes it’s hard to reimagine what something will look like in your home. It was a gamble walking away and not buying it when I first saw it, especially at the thrift store. I like to believe if it’s meant for you, it will be there. This lamp had lots of potential and just needed to be painted to get its second life.

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