I have never been a hat person, especially in an effort to accessorize an outfit.

Occasionally, I wear a baseball cap on bad hair days or to the gym; so when it comes to hats, I am all about functionality – but the right hat can transform just about any look.

Fedoras have become that statement piece you can build on and are available in every color of the rainbow these days. It’s also no longer a seasonal hat – the trend is to wear them all year long.

I’ve considered buying one a couple of times but have been apprehensive about wearing wool hats. Wool sweaters and scarves have not been kind to my hair or skin. But when I came across this hat for $0.74 at the Hayfield Goodwill, there was no way I could leave it in the store. In order to make this work for me, I decided to repurpose a satin blouse and make my own lining to protect my hair.

To get started, I gathered my supplies:

* Disinfectant spray
* Lint roller
* Old satin blouse
* Fabric scissors
* Fabric glue

Step One

With anything I can’t wash, I use disinfectant spray to clean and sanitize.

Spray one to two layers and let your hat sit for a day to completely dry.

Step Two

I cut the blouse in half, placing one half over the top of the hat to measure. Mark where you are going to cut or use the hat to guide you.

Note: You can use a satin scarf but I had a satin blouse with a broken zipper that I decided to repurpose.

Step Three

  • Flip the hat over and put a layer of fabric glue inside the hat.
  • Add the satin fabric and gently press.
  • Make sure to tuck the top of the fabric under the elastic band, and add more glue as needed.

Step Four

Let the hat sit for a day to completely dry.

Use your lint roller to remove any lint. Now, you are ready to take your hat for a spin!

The jury is still out on whether I will be a hat person this fall and winter, but I’m happy I don’t have to worry about my hair shedding every time I wear this Goodwill Find. 

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