90s party

Your fabulous fashionista channels her formerly angsty teenage self, who also wore overalls.

Two years ago, dear readers, I threw a 90’s party. We watched old music videos from Nirvana, Live, and The Presidents of the USA, we ate Nerds and Laffy Taffy, and we dressed up in some epic 90’s clothes. I got my inspiration from the queen of 90’s teen fashion, Angela Chase, aka Claire Danes. I sported short-alls, with one strap unhooked of course, a flannel button up shirt, and straight, curled under hair.  Frankly, I nailed it.  We had a great time laughing at the clothes during the party, but little did I imagine that a mere 24 months later, 90’s fashion would be all the rage. Today, we discuss one of the hallmarks of 90’s fashion that is enjoying quite the unexpected comeback, overalls.

I don’t know why the return of overalls surprises me.  Everything else from the 90’s is coming back in style and overalls were certainly a 90’s teen staple. But they’re just so ugly. Oh my gosh, nothing about them is flattering. Like the jumpsuit/playsuit/romper trend, overalls turn your body into one solid fabric, which is flattering to a very small number of body types.  Now, I will admit that I’ve seen some improvements in the overall since its 90’s hey day.  First of all, many of the fashionistas rocking this trend have gone with the skinny legged version.  They’re also wearing overalls that are very fitted in the torso.  I think that’s a huge improvement since regular overalls are wide legged and just make your hips and mid-section look enormous.

celebs wearing overalls

So many stylish celebs making such a poor choice!

Image courtesy of The Frisky

If you absolutely must embrace this trend, please promise me that you will follow some simple styling rules.  First and foremost, look a fitted, and preferably cropped, leg.  No wide leg, y’all!  Also, make sure it fits you snugly at the hips.  This is a must to give you some shape and keep you from turning into a ball of denim.  Make sure your shoes are on trend, think pointy-toed heels or patterned rounded toe flats.  And for the love of all that is good, do not wear boots with overalls!  Finally, pick a flowy three quarter length to long sleeve shirt to go underneath.  It will keep the look modern and not like you stepped out of a delia’s catalog.

I just don’t get the appeal of this trend, y’all.  Why is wearing a bib, that covers your shirt, and makes you look like a pencil made of out denim, appealing?  Why not just wear jeans and a shirt?  Is your shirt too short?  Are you planning to paint a house later?  What is driving this revival?

Ok, truth time, am I alone in my hatred of this revival?  Do you think I’m coming down too hard on overalls?  Love it or leave it?  Give me your two cents in the comments!