I never would have thought that I would be bringing these up again, dear readers. If you’re a millennial, there is no chance that you aren’t familiar with what I am about to share with you. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you probably went through a hormone-induced teenage breakdown in order to get these. I know my Mom will remember my red and teary face as she denied me one of these time and time again: The Adidas Superstar.
I was in middle school when these sneaks took the fashionable footwear scene by storm. With their iconic hard shell toe and three striped design, they were impossible to miss. That tantrum I referenced above occurred when my mother insisted I get a pair of clearance K-Swiss tennis shoes rather than the iconic three striped Superstars. The stripes came in all colors and styles. The summer after my 7th grade year, I cut grass for weeks to save up for a pair of holographic, silver stripe Superstars and you better believe that I felt flyer than fly in them on the first day of school.
So, I suppose I should share where I came to this conclusion in order to bring it to reality, right? I was browsing Facebook and noticed this article that Refinery 29 published: The Sneaker Every Fashion Girl Will Wear This Year. Undeniably, my favorite quote from the article was made by author Bobby Schuessler. He wrote, “It’s time for a¬†fashion-forward throwback for your feet.”

Here is one of the photo's that Refinery 29 published with their article. They did a new age photo shoot with the shoes! Love it!

Refinery 29 did a new age photo shoot with the shoes! Love it! Image by Refinery 29

I don’t know about you but I just might have to cave if this trend really does make a comeback. I’m not quite sure why, but I am feelin’ on board with this one! Could it be that I’m still feeling the ripples of that teenager tantrum?
Am I alone here, dear readers? Did you once have a deep connection with the ever-so-trendy Adidas Superstars? Comment below and share your #StyleStory!