Tweed. What exactly is it? Well with a little help from Webster’s, it can be defined as “a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colors, originally produced in Scotland.” That’s a start. I’ll be honest – until recently, tweed kind of reminded me of something I would’ve see while watching an old episode of Golden Girl. The bright colors intertwined with a thick threads didn’t quite scream chic to me. That is, until I started noticing my fellow fashion bloggers stepping out in all kinds of tweed-filled looks.
A bright colored tweed skirt or jacket can give your wardrobe the boost it needs. Not so fast, though. This trend will need to be eased into – just to avoid looking like your Grandma in her Sunday best. Here are my quick tips for how to make this trend ultra chic.
Pick one. Although I’d consider this vintage-esque fabric to be coming back on trend, don’t get to tweed-happy. I’d recommend starting with just one simple piece to begin. This fabric is usually bright and if it’s not bright, it is definitely bulky. A full suit of tweed probably won’t be the most flattering thing you’ve worn so pick your piece wisely. I love a collarless cropped jacket in tweed or a snug pencil skirt.
Contemporary partners. Since were just getting back on board with tweed after it’s debut as a suiting fabric eons ago, you’ll want to pick some markedly contemporary pieces to ensure you’re looking totally in-fashion. Take Whitney Port’s look below; she has paired a tweed jacket with a chic cut pant and mod styled shoe which gives her look the perfect up-to-date and polished flair.

Tweed Jacket Whitney Port

Contemporary pairings to a tweed jacket. (Image from Rachel’s Look Book)

Subdue the rest. I’m personally on the hunt for a something like the Alice + Olivia piece below. While you won’t catch me paying prices like this jacket went for, I hope to snag one for $10 at Goodwill. When wearing a popping shade of tweed, subdue the rest of your look. The styling below is a perfect example of how you can let the tweed shine in an incredibly chic fashion. The mixing of texture is fabulous but notice the colors are all dark, except the tweed! I love an all black look with a popping blazer, don’t you?
This is a great example of how to style this fabric!

This is a great example of how to style this fabric! (Image from Lyst)

Have you ever tried tweed on for style? How’d it work for you? Give us your tips below!