You know how you see something once, dear readers, then you see it again, then it seems like it’s everywhere you look and you just can’t escape it?  That’s been me this month with kimonos.  I’ve seen them all over the place: on YouTubers, in magazines, and of course on fabulous fashionistas.  They’re being sold everywhere from Bloomingdale’s to Forever 21, so it seems like they are one of the it trends this summer and we just had to talk about them, right?

Ok, if you’re like me, you’re wondering what’s with the name, because these really look nothing like traditional Japanese kimonos.  I did some Googling and couldn’t figure it out, so if you know, leave me the details in the comments.  Basically we’re talking about a very thin, elbow length or longer cardigan made out of any number of fabrics.  Most are imitation silk, but I’ve seen cotton as well.  What makes them kimonos and not cardigans is the shape.  They’re very boxy and flowy, not form fitting at all, and the hem can be anything from waist to floor length.  I’ve seen all kinds of different fabrics, usually patterned, and often with embellishments, like lace or fringe on the sleeves or hem.


Care for a Kimono?


I think I’m kinda on the fence on this trend.  On the one hand, they’re cute and flowy, on the other hand, it’s summer, so I don’t really need to be wearing extra fabric and I have a feeling this trend will be over by fall, so I don’t know that I want to spend money on it.  I like that they’re any easy way to add dimension to an outfit and will look great on any body type or age.  I could definitely see myself wearing a kimono around the house when I’m feeling like I want to dress up my usual t-shirt and leggings.  Ok, now I’m talking myself into getting one!

To get the most wear out of your kimono, make sure you get a color that works with the clothes you have.  I can’t say this enough, savvy shopping means knowing your closet and buying what works with what you already have, not what you wish you had.  Real silk is your best bet because it will keep you the coolest in the summer heat.  When it comes to length, think about what flatters your body.  A floor-length kimono will make you look taller and one that hits at the hips will lengthen your torso.  I’d stay away from fringe on the sleeves because that’s just going to be dangling and getting in the way of everything I touch.  Go for embellishments at the hem so you get the cute look, but it’s not getting in your way.  Let me see how you’re rocking your kimono by tagging them on Instagram with #mygoodwillfind!

Fellow fashionistas, are you jumping on this trend bandwagon?  Where will you wear your kimonos?  And can you answer my very important question of why these are even called kimonos?  Sound off in the comments!