Our first maxi dress of the season! Fashionistas, I’m super excited to share today’s #MyGoodwillFind with you because maxi dresses are my new favorite style for the summer.

Ever since I scored a couple of them last month, I’ve been absolutely obsessed. What I love most about them is that they’re extremely easy to put on and wear, AND they look stylish and snazzy at the same time. This maxi is the epitome of practicality meets chic.

Today’s fabulous maxi is a gorgeous small snakeskin black and beige maxi dress by the boutique brand Ark & Co. This brand is typically sold at boutiques and retailers across the country, with garments usually starting at around $50 a piece.

The style is a halter, with a low cut back, and a unique piece of metalwork to round out the neck. No need to wear a necklace with this dress fashionistas, it’s already there!


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Styling maxi dresses can be tricky at times (especially this one, since is already has hardware on it), but have no fear – small touches can make this dress go from cool to incredible!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.35.48 AM

Image by Polyvore.

First, a great pair of shoes or handbag can add a much-needed pop of color to the monochromatic gem. Blues, pinks, reds….really, the color world is your oyster. Since this dress is comprised of neutrals, most colors would work.

When talking style of shoe, there are so many options to try. One great thing about maxis is that depending on the length, they can help hide a shoe (meaning less effort for you!), or let it shine (some effort will have to be put it with styling :P). Personally, I’d either opt for a sandal, wedge or platform. Each of these styles with either give you some height and allow you to be comfortable yet still fashionable.

If you’re going to rock a handbag with your maxi on a day out, I wouldn’t carry a big tote. Instead, a smaller clutch or cross body bag will give you a enough room to carry the necessities, without being too ponderous. Plus, the trap on a cross body will add an interesting line down the flat fabric of a maxi dress. The more visually playful additions you can add to a look, the better!

And finally, the jewelry. The hardest part. Because the dress already has gold hardware, I wouldn’t go too nuts with the gems. To bling up your ears, a nice set of dangly gold earrings will do the trick. However, if you’re not a longer earring kind of gal, some bauble studs will add the pizzazz as well. Whatever floats your boat!

Maxis are the best dresses to experiment with arm candy. With this beauty in particular, gold bangles, a big gold statement bracelet, or a rose gold watch are all excellent choices to bring more life to this Goodwill find.

How would you style this snakeskin maxi, dearest fashionistas?