Fashionistas, this post is unlike any other of my recent posts, but I REALLY wanted to share with you this country-wide event I just started attending! Have you ever heard of anything like it before?!

This Saturday I attended an event called Daybreaker – which is an early morning dance party that is open to the public and held once a month at different venues across DC. People of all ages attend this event to feast on healthy snacks, sip down local-made juices, and get funky to a DJ who is spinning tracks of all genres.

What’s wild about this particular event is that it starts at basically the crack of dawn (usually around 5), and then goes until around 9 or 10 AM, before your day actually starts. It’s filled with freestyle dancing, a congo line, limbo, musicians playing horns….it’s quite strange yet invigorating and energizing.


Upon walking into Penn Social in Chinatown (where this event was held), attendees are greeted with stickers and brand swag to get pumped for the hours to come. I definitely took a bunch of stickers. 🙂

Goodwill vintage

Another reason why I love this event is because attendees are encouraged to wear what whatever they want. Many dress as festive and fun as possible because this is a dance party, and although it’s in the morning, people still like to go all out.

I usually like to get my Goodwill vintage on. :). I rocked my signature pattern mixing, fused with an urban vintage flair.

My brightly colored floral vintage 1970’s crop top was from Goodwill for about $2. My black hoodie came from one of the DC Goodwill stores as well, totaling only $5. Everything else came from other retailers in the DC area.. but the vintage polka dotted purse? It was from my Grandma! This outfit, to say the least, was quite eclectic. 🙂


Here are some snaps I took throughout the morning. There must have been at least 100 people rocking to the rhythm!


They also had screens everywhere with cool imagery looping to the music! I know it looks like a wild evening rave, but it was far from it!


You know how I said they had musicians playing horns? Well, here they are! As you can see, a stage at the venue housed the various musicians, the emcee and the jamming DJ.


Bonus! They had an artist at the venue who drew with body paint markers on those who wanted additional pizzazz to their dance party looks. I only got some on my hand, because I didn’t want to risk staining my clothes. If you can tell here, the paint glowed under black light!

So fashionistas, this seems like a strange event, right? What do you think of it? A little to avant garde or compelling?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!