Fashionistas, you’re in for a humongous treat today: today’s #MyGoodwillFind is by one of everyone’s all-time favorite labels: Kate Spade!

That’s right, you read correctly. Today, I’m sharing with you one of my best Goodwill finds of this year, a $70+ Kate Spade top!

This long sleeve didn’t fit me, so I’m giving all my Goodwill Fashionistas a chance to add it to your closet. This forest green top is called “Saturday” and uniquely has an asymmetrical necked top in a size small.

Although it’s too big on me, I can’t help but google over every aspect of this gem. Don’t you just love the deep forest green color of the cotton fabric? The richness and saturation of the fabric can be seen from blocks away.

You might think the color of this top is more of a fall color, but I think the cut permits a fall-to spring-to summer transition.

kate spade Saturday

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Because the season just turned to summer on Monday, let’s focus on ways to style this top comfortably in the summer heat. I envision this long sleeve being appropriate for the workplace, so I’m going to focus my tips on workplace wear.

Floral, Skirts, & Flats

Image by Polyvore.

At the office, I’d pair our Kate Spade beauty with either a pencil skirt, or flared out thigh-length mini. A pencil skirt is ALWAYS an office staple, so every fashionista most likely has one in her closet. In contrast, a tulip skirt is a little more rare, but they can be found at Goodwill as well for under $6. Both skirt styles are flirty, and will allow you to keep cool while hopping out of the car or leaving the metro.

In terms of color, a nice neutral (beige or black), will be business-appropriate and subtle. However, if your office is a little more lax, there is room to play with pinks (embrace a flower color-scheme!), or a graphic pattern.

With your skirt, you must wear some bling! I think an artistic sculpture-like bib necklace will do the trick.

If you’d opt for a neutral skirt, there’s room to play with some more color in your necklace. Pinks, yellows, and blues will complement the forest green well without being too symbolic (red and green for Christmas).

If a pattern or pink is more your thing, I recommend sticking to only golds and silvers. Anything more might look too extravagant chaotic. Too many colors and an aggressive amount of textures will prevent your look from having a central focal points for one’s eye to focus on. There’d just be way too much going on, simply put! 🙂

And for shoes, a classic pointy-toed flat is always a thumbs up at the office. Plus, you can get them at Goodwill for about $7!

How would you style this Kate Spade forest green long sleeve, fashionistas?