Soooooooo, fashionistas, today’s #MyGoodwillFind is something I’ve always dreamed of having in my own closet – a pair of quality black wedges with a modern twist, made by one of my favorite brands BCBG.

When I first picked these up, I purchased them knowing they were not in my size, but I thought I’d try them on anyway. I thought by some weird twist of fate, that a pair of shoes two sizes too big on me, would miraculously fit my tiny feet. And after much hoping and dreaming…..they still didn’t fit.

BCBG Cutout black Wedges

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So my loss is your gain, fashionistas! Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a pair of originally $200+ show-stopping basically brand new BCBG black leather wedges in a size 6.5. The wedge isn’t uncomfortably tall, making them the perfect show to be rocked during a night of dancing the evening away.

The upper part of these shoes are made of a sturdy leather, with the wedge comprised of a material that will withstand time.

The most unique and compelling attribute of these wedges is the cutout and buckle detailing that ornate the top half of the shoes. Leather detailing like this takes machines a longer amount of time and a lot of quality control steps. With that said, shoes like these are quite expensive to craft, so they can’t be found at just any store – only at more expensive retailers.

These shoes could make a whole outfit by themselves, but these shoes can be worn with other unique and loud items to create the ultimate fashion-forward ensemble.

First of all, we all know it’s blazing hot outside, so all my looks today focus on outfits with different types of shorts. Whether they’re patterned, plain black, or made of black lace, any style will match because these shoes are of a solid color. I personally would try wearing the tropical shorts pictured in my collage, because they’re seasonally appropriate and unlike most shorts you see other fashionistas wearing on the streets.

You might be asking yourself, “can you find a pair like these at Goodwill?” And my answer is, “OF COURSE! :)” A few weeks ago, I actually found a similar orange and purple pair that I’ve worn with my own black wedges. Anything is possible!

Tropical Parisian Flair

Image by Polyvore.

Talking about tops, again, most any will work, since the shoes are neutral. However, with shorts, I’d go full on embracing the spirit of the season and wear sleeveless shirts in white or bright colors like a yellow. I know these colors can become loud and a bit too vibrant for one’s taste, but with a little experimentation and confidence, anyone can pull these colors off!

If you’d rather not try a bold color, stripes are a safe bet, always. Plus, with this pattern, you can channel your inner Parisian self!

 Finally, you know I can’t end this post without at least mentioning the gems! 🙂

I find the summer sun brightens gold-toned jewelry, so I recommend wearing earrings, bracelets and necklaces of this type of metal. Gold’s color is naturally warm, so it further absorbs the sun’s rays, making them glisten bold and bright. But I wouldn’t just wear any gold-colored piece gold jewelry. Pieces with pizzazz will create small fun focal points on your ensemble, keeping your audience’s eye moving around. I’d be on the hunt for fruit-themed  (pineapple, banana) pieces to pay homage and embrace the beachy season.

What would you rock with these versatile black BCBG wedges, fashionistas? Hopefully something summery!