Fashionistas, this past weekend, I decided to take a morning Zipcar trip to one of my favorite Goodwills, the Gaithersburg location, to beat the rain and find some summer gear.
As usual, I did not walk home empty handed. In fact, I left with troves of clothing to kick off the summer and further build my renewed 2016 wardrobe.
On this trip, I found jackets, tops, and accessories. But more importantly, I walked out with a handful of printed maxi and vintage dresses that I’m literally ready to rock tomorrow! I’m tired of this rain – and happy to see the DC sun is back today!
The dresses I picked up will be perfect to wear under the sun while out on a DC stroll, an outside party, and a picnic.
Maxi Dress "Velvet" by Anthropologie
Maxi Dress "Velvet" by Anthropologie
Maxi Dress "Velvet" by Anthropologie
1) Maxi Dress “Velvet” by Anthropologie
First, I spotted (and took home) this Velvet by Anthropologie maxi dress. It has a boho chic print covered with intricate designs and graphics. You see a mixture of flower prints and stripes with angles. It’s a tad big, but with a bandeau underneath, and a simple hem job, I’ll be all set.
I look forward to pairing this with a simple pair of wedges and dangly earrings.
The best part of this dress is that it was under $10 – but it originally retails for at least $100+ (gasp)!
vintage 1960's/1970's beach dress
vintage 1960's/1970's beach dress
vintage 1960's/1970's beach dress
2) Vintage Beach Dress
Then, I scored this vintage 1960’s/1970’s beach dress, crafted with this watercolor and saturated blue green vibrant print. I CANNOT wait to wear it with a pair of my Goodwill gold vintage opened toed heels to an event or gala. I’m ready to whip out all things vintage!
This beauty was under $10 as well.
IMG_7850 (1)
3) Maxi Dress by Zara
And finally, I also snagged this maxi Zara boho chic hippie dress for pennies on the dollar. When wearing it, I can feel the soft summer breeze…it’s theatrical and light.
I look forward to wearing this at the beach with a summer hat, my vintage sunnies, and a straw tote.
In the evening, I’d wear this with wedges and a small clutch.

What summer dresses have you found, fashionistas? What types are you on the hunt for?