I have never been very name-brand specific when it comes to bags and purses. As long as it is cute and functional, I will carry it.

However, learning more about quality brands makes the difference more and more to me. Coach is one of those brands that has been around forever and offers quality leather goods. As much as I love the look of Coach’s new items, there’s nothing like their vintage collection items.  My personal collection has grown over the years as the items are still in great condition due to their quality, even after being donated to thrift stores, including Goodwill. Many of the bags debuted in the 70’s and have a timeless look to them. 

My full-time job requires the employees to report to the office more days during the week, which means I had to be on the hunt for a bag that could carry my laptop and other essentials for the office. I knew I wanted a tote or bag that could be worn as a crossbody or on my shoulder while commuting via public transportation. 

While shopping at the Ashdale location, I found just what I wanted. It was literally laying on a piece of furniture, a vintage black all-leather Coach briefcase with a strap.

You can verify a Coach bag’s authenticity by checking for its embossed message and serial number on the inside pocket. It also had the coach tag hanging on it. To my surprise, the bag was priced at $14.99, which is unheard of. I even researched similar briefcases online, and they are priced as high as $350.00! 

I carried the bag to the office this week and received many compliments for my OOTD video as well in person. Finding vintage items that have lasted through time is unmatched! 

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