Spring is a time to wear all of the brightest colors without feeling out of season whatsoever. In the winter, I tend to opt for wearing darker tones and blacks because it’s easier to throw on easily while looking cute. Also, when layering, black always looks put together and is simple to accessorize.

However, in the spring, since the weather is a tad warmer, you don’t have to layer as much, which allows one or two statement pieces to really take the stage.

And that’s how I’d wear today’s #MyGoodwillFind. Today’s gem is a gorgeous designer silk strapless Shoshanna dress in a size 4 that would look absolutely ravishing with a trench or light blazer.

This day or night dress hits above the knee and fits more like a mini  day frock, rather than for business.

Adorned in the back with a zipper closure, this green, blue, yellow dress retails for over $200+.  It also has some flattering ruching on this sweetheart neckline.

Shoshanna Silk Strapless Dress

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I’d personally wear this dress during the day or for an evening date night excursion out dancing or for a nice DC dinner.

As a layer for the evening I’d wear a trench coat or blazer. A black or tan coat will look fabulous on top of this dress, because the neutral color will enable the vibrant watercolor print to pop.

And even though I recommend wearing a coat, you can always take it off and put it in coat check while out moving and grooving.

Sassy and Chic

Image by Polyvore.

With regards to footwear, I’d wear a black or tan shoe, to function similarly as a coat might would. If I’m feeling a bit bold though, I’d consider wearing a pair of bright pink pumps to bring the color pops up another fun level.

A great way to add a touch of vintage to this dress would be to add a handbag or jewelry. A vintage neutral clutch could be a playful and unique way to incorporate items from the past. In addition to a purse, you could and some additional vintage flair with jewelry. Although 80’s clip on earrings can be a pain, they do come in bolder styles which you’d never find in a pierced cut.

How would you add a vintage touch to this designer Shoshanna dress, fashionistas?