Although my summer has been lacking in beachy, resort excursions, I’ve been happy to make several trips all over the bustling city of New York. A few of my closest friends live there and I usually visit them a few times a year. 

Last weekend, I took the train to Manhattan to see Marc, my college friend of over 5 years. We even embarked on a vintage fashion frenzy which included a trip to Goodwill (of course)!

Goodwill store located in Upper East Side of New York

Goodwill store located in NY's Upper East Side

In fact, when wandering around Marc’s neighborhood in Midtown, I stumbled upon a really nice Goodwill. I found endless name brand and designer finds…most of them new with tags. 

Pineapple shorts found at the NYC Goodwill

Many cute items immediately caught my eye upon entering the store. Check out this brand new pair of pineapple shorts. 

black Kate Spade bag found at Goodwill NYC

As I continued to peruse the racks, I spotted this black Kate Spade bag for under $30! What a steal! 

Coral colored Cole Hann oxfords found at Goodwill NYC

Stappy gold bamboo sandals found at Goodwill NYC

The shoe game here was on point! I found a cute pair of coral Cole Haan oxfords and these strappy gold bamboo sandals – both for less than $10 per pair. If the oxfords had been smaller, they would have made the trip back home with me. 🙂 Hopefully, another fashionista will snag them! 

Carolyn's items hanging in fitting room

Although this location was a bit small, it was packed with great finds! I found a few suitcase-worthy items such as a gingham baby doll top from Zara and a mod-inspired skirt. I only had around 30 minutes to search this store and try things on, so I unfortunately only left with two items.

Carolyn's Zara gingham top found at Goodwill in NYC

I liked my finds so much I wore one the following day! This $8 top from Zara is soooo comfy and versatile. 

The next time you’re in Manhattan, please hit up this Goodwill! You will likely leave with multiple finds in hand. 🙂


1114 1st Ave
New York, NY 10065

Have you ever visited a Goodwill store while you were on vacation or traveling an unfamiliar state?