Sha-bang! A few months ago, I found these extraordinary, fabulous, beautiful, glitzy, glamorous Tory Burch Reva flats at one of my local Goodwills. I saw them staring at me amongst other pairs of shoes from seemingly miles away – they were definitely calling my name.

But! Once I picked them up, I was disappointed and saddened to see that they were far from
my tiny size. Luckily, I still took them home with me to share with you today!

These 8.5 sized partially leather beauties are barely worn; frankly, they’re basically brand new! Originally, they retail for upwards of $200. Wowza!

This style of flat is a classic cut by Burch called Reva. The Reva is named after Tory Burch’s mother, a stylish sassy woman known for her sense of style and charm. Tory Burch creates this style of shoe in an array of colors and textures from patent to hot pink. This version is a more subtle, yet sophisticated and mature.

The exterior of these shoes is just exquisite. They’re a grayish shimmy color, made of a woven type of string, giving off Chanel tweed jacket vibes. The signature Tory Burch ornament on these shoes is so clean and spotless, I could use them as a mirror. 😉

The main reason why I love these beauties is not only because they’re beautiful and well-made, but quite versatile. As the fall weather gets cooler, these cold toed shoes will be sure to keep your feet warm, as long as you whip on a pair of tights.

That being said, these could be easily worn with a skirt or dress. A black or a colorful one would work, but because it’s fall, more neutral colors with some tiny color pops with a handbag or lipstick. A nice simple LBD from Goodwill will do you wonders. Like the ones in the collage below, you could rock a simple black dress with a navy blazer and belt. This creates a sleek canvas for the shoes to shine and look high-end…which they are!

For jewelry, I think more gun metals and silvers. Gold would work because there is a gold sparkle to them when in the sunlight. Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces can all be rocked with these shoes. Just be careful not to go too over board with sparkle, you don’t want to overpower the look with too much glamour (you can never have enough glamour though! :))

A scarf would even work with these flats as well! Just play it safe with a fall-appropriate black or natural dress and you’re all set for the season!


How would you rock these designer duds, dearest readers? Aren’t they showstoppers?