At first, I thought my latest Goodwill find was a bit boring to write a blog post about. 

I found brand-new curtains at Goodwill that only cost $3.99 each — and they look amazing in my living room. 

That’s it. That’s the story.

But there’s so much more to this story than new curtains. Everything I love about shopping at Goodwill can be summed up in this purchase. That’s the story I want to tell!

I needed new curtains for my living room. That’s not really a purchase I get too jazzed up about, so I’ve been procrastinating. I just figured I would have to pay full price for new curtains at a big box store or find a set online that I liked. Goodwill surprised me.

I wasn’t even sure what these were at first when I spied them brand-new-in-the-packaging inside a bin at the Hayfield, Va. Goodwill storeI love that shopping at Goodwill is like a little treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to find. And you never find the same things twice. So if you see something you like, you better get it. For me, that is all part of the fun of shopping at Goodwill.

Then there’s the savings. I love saving money by shopping at Goodwill. These curtains only cost $3.99 each. Where else can you purchase two brand-new sets of curtains for under $8?

I love that shopping at Goodwill is a more sustainable way of living. Whoever owned these curtains before me could have thrown them away. Instead, they chose to donate to Goodwill to give somebody else a chance to use and enjoy them in their home. I think it is so important to keep useful items out of landfills whenever possible, and I appreciate that Goodwill gives people a place to donate items instead of throwing them away.

And most of all, I love that 94 cents of every dollar spent at Goodwill helps fund education and career training opportunities for people right here in our community. It’s not just about selling awesome stuff at a low price. Goodwill is about helping people further their educations and find good jobs so they can live good lives. 

That’s a story worth telling!

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