Dear readers, today I’m talking about something that’s a bit more on the sensitive side: logos, my opinion of them, and what they mean to all of us.

Image from Stylr

Image from Stylr

To begin, I’ll start out with an anecdote from many years ago about my encounter with handbags, logos, and my true tastes.
A while ago (maybe 4 years back?), I found a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag for only $28, and thought at first that I would keep it. I was SO excited when I found it. I carried it around for a few days but soon realized: handbags with big logos, plastered on the exterior just really aren’t my thing. So I gave the handbag to someone else…can you believe that? I kind of regret it 🙁
louis vuitton

Image from Louis Vuitton

Anyway, I realized that big logos on things don’t really do it for me. I honestly feel that on me, they come off a bit overt and as if I’m trying to scream to the world that I can afford X,Y, and Z items. But that’s not really who I am. Granted, I am a hypocrite in ways and have a vintage new-to-me Louis monogram cosmetic case….and some additional things. I also don’t mind carrying items with smaller logos, like a Kate Spade wallet with the plaque on the front. The subtleness of that sized logo keeps me comfortable.

Image from Gucci

Although you know I am a label lover, I oddly enough don’t like to show it directly on my clothing. I like it to be more of a little secret or surprise. I want to look put-together, without screaming it loudly to the world.
Which leads me to my other thought: my take on logos and what they do for us fashionistas.
Logos are status symbols. They’re emblems that represent who we are, what we aspire to be, what we can and cannot afford, how much money we want people to think we have…….logos say a lot about us. And having logos on our clothing, handbags, and accessories go another level in saying something additional about us. When I see a girl carrying a Louie bag, I can’t help but instantly think: wow, that was expensive! She must be a bit wealthy! Which was probably pretty close to what she wanted me to think. And that’s not such a bad thing, depending on your style and tastes.

Image from Polyvore

This thought I had, is a reason why us Goodwill shoppers love finding the designer and name brand treasures. When we wear it out in public, we want people to think we’re snazzy, have great and expensive taste, and can potentially afford expensive goods. However, little do they know, we got it for pennies! And that feeling is priceless. 

I know everyone has different tastes. If you’re a logo lover, the more power to you! And if not, that’s fine too! We all express ourselves in different ways and logos are another way to do just that. 

Are you a logo lover? Or are a more on the subtle side, like myself?