Fashionistas, I recently stumbled upon a Washington Post article talking about how Crocs are making a huge comeback. I then discovered some other strange fall trends coming out this season as well.
Crocs apparently have started appearing on high-end designer runways and on the mean streets of New York.
The Washington Post piece noted that Crocs celebrate their ugliness, which allows them to stay relevant in the fashion world. They don’t deny their aesthetics, but celebrate their comfort, versatility, and color offerings.
Through this mentality, Crocs have become a shoe staple again. Although I have a pair of bright pink croc sandals, I don’t think I’ll ever be a Crocs fan. However, I do appreciate they’re unapologetic mindset towards what they stand for as a brand and I can certainly respect that.

Big Hats
Another trend I’m still coming to terms with this fall is the idea of wearing an extra-large hat (as seen in Vogue).
I personally have never been a fan of wearing hats because they ALWAYS look big on my tiny head and they hide most of my face. This is not to say I don’t like hats at all.
I love seeing fashionistas rock fedoras while DJing or floppy straw hats in the summer. There’s really a time and a place for rocking a hat – sometimes they really help complete an outfit.

But this extra-large hat trend has me perplexed. They don’t seem practical or affordable whatsoever. Rather, they seem to be conversation-starters that resemble artwork.

The final trend that has me scratching my head this fall is the prominence of emojis on everything!

This article from Edited agrees with me in that emojis are getting a bit out of hand.
I do like a cut emoji as a set of earrings, a patch, a button, or a decor item on a backpack. But anything that shows more emojis than that is a little wild and too playful.
Emojis, in my opinion, are just little cartoons that portray and evoke emotion. They’re a part of communication in a digital world… not an entire pair of slippers or logo tee.
Maybe it’s just me, but I feel emojis are a little childish.
The only time I’d wear a full blown emoji outfit would be for work (by day I work in social media), for Halloween, or to be ironic.

What are your thoughts on these trends, fashionistas? Which one is makes you cringe? Which ones do you like?