In celebration of Pride Month, what better way to show your support than creating a world of pride?  Here’s a fun, easy, and small way to start on that vision: use spray paint to transform a Goodwill-found globe.  Simple steps give this thrifted item a new spin as an eye-catching accent piece.

Here’s How:

1.      Find your world—and your good—at Goodwill

When the world gets a little crazy out there, consider popping over to Goodwill to check out all the good happening in there every day.  Aisles and racks of donated items support this regionally-focused, nonprofit organization, so your dollars are going for a great, local cause and supporting an important life-changing mission.  Some of the good you are sure to find each time are amazing items, lower-than-lower prices and the bestest team ready to help.  

While shopping there, be on the lookout for a globe for this DIY project.  Globes truly are universal since our home countries are represented on them AND they look great as accents in any decorative style. 

2.      Protect any parts

Enlist your handy roll of painter’s tape to cover any parts you want to keep as is and paint-free. 

The base of this globe was in excellent condition and a handsome light gray color, so there was no need to change it one bit. 

Painter’s tape covered the base, the round part holding up the globe, and a small round cap at the top.

You will be surprised at how easily and how quickly this simple step goes!

3.      Place outside to keep your place (and your lungs!) safe

Given the summery weather and longer days, consider placing your painter’s taped-up globe outside on a drop cloth.  Not only will this keep your place free from painting over-sprays, but you’ll ensure your lungs stay safe, too!

Expert Tip

Consider using some of your spray cans to hold your drop cloth in place; rocks or other small but weighted items will also serve this role. I learned the hard way, as one project got a beautiful, solid coat of paint only to have the drop cloth get blown up and onto its sticky surface. Not cute!

4.      Spray on the rainbow

Grab your collection of spray paints, ideally with the same finish, in rainbow colors.  As a kid, you may have learned to follow “ROYGBIV” to create a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Since this project doesn’t require lots of paint, quantity-wise, just these seven tones, see what you have on hand before hitting your nearby hardware or paint store.  For a nice reflective quality, all paints used were in a glossy finish. 

Thankfully, I had six of the seven tones in my stash. Being the frugal fellow I am, rather than buying a can of yellow spray paint, I substituted it with the bright, metallic gold I already had on hand.

  • Start at the top of your blog and spray on some red, with a light touch, to avoid drips and runs. 
  • Move through the list of colors ending with your violet tone.  Allow time for the first layers of your rainbow colors to dry completely to avoid smudging or fingerprints.
  • Return to your globe and add another light layer. For this second application, consider picking up your globe by the base and turning it upside down.  With your other hand, apply light layers of each tone.  Holding it this way will help to ensure you see the globe (and the world!) from new angles. 

Again, be patient and allow plenty of time for the paint coat to dry completely.  Then carefully remove the painter’s tape to reveal your totally transformed, Pride-colored/rainbow-covered globe!

Expert/Design Tip

Don’t worry if your paint collection doesn’t have the exact “ROYGBIV” color palette. You can substitute another color to add some pizzazz like I did here.  The gold tone stepped in for the missing yellow one and added a wonderful shimmer to the overall look.  Candidly, I think the gold gives it an elegance and sophistication that the yellow wouldn’t have in the same way.  So have fun because you can’t go wrong!

5.      Display your Pride every day

Your Pride-painted, colorful globe will look great in any room and with any design style.  Place it with other accessories and decorative items purchased at Goodwill for a buck or two.  Set it on a table or position it on a bookshelf.  No matter where it is displayed, you will be very proud of your transformational talents while showing your Pride!

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