I’ve got another great blogger to share with you today, dear readers. If you haven’t heard of Broke & Chic, you’ll want to subscribe after you get to know the founder, Amanda Raye, today. She’s got style and sense; Amanda has perfected the art of living stylishly within her means. Broke & Chic makes the promise that its readers will never see $1,000 pieces on its site (thank you, Amanda!) – rather, it will bring its readers viable, affordable options for creating individual style on a budget.

Amanda Raye of Broke & Chic!

Amanda Raye of Broke & Chic!

1. What is the first article of clothing you remember that you loved to wear?

I loved wearing this pink corduroy jumper when I was in kindergarten. It was from Oshkosh B’gosh and I would have worn it every day if I was allowed to. I also loved this fluffy pink headband. I actually ended up wearing it in my 1st grade photo!

2. What do you feel your best piece of fashion advice would be for your readers?

Do you. Trends are great, and they can help you get out of your comfort zone, but don’t avoid wearing something because it’s not considered “cool”. If it looks good on you, and it makes you happy, wear it!

3. Define your style in one sentence or less!

Feminine and quirky, mixed with a dash of boho.

Amanda's street style is undeniably chic!

Amanda’s street style is undeniably chic!

4. Who is your current favorite designer?

Arden Wohl. Her shoes are unreal!

5. If you could own any single item from fashion past or present – money is no object! – what would it be?

I would love to own a black Céline bag.

Bonus: If you could swap closets with one person, who would it be?!

Audrey of Lulu Linden — she’s a fashion blogger and her outfits are absolutely darling.


Amanda, thank you so much for sharing your style with us. You’ve got great style and your money saving tips are incredible!


**Photo credit, Amanda of Broke & Chic