No, dear readers, I am not talking about the Netflix Original series. Did you catch all the headlines like this one from InStyleOrange is Officially the New Black: Shop This Citrus Shade” or this one from StyleCasterOrange Really is the New Black (According to Fashion Week Runways)“?

Photo collage of trendy citrus...Image by In Style

Photo collage of trendy citrus…Image by In Style.

To be honest, this really came to me with surprise. Orange doesn’t have a presence in fashion for the most part. Unless the color is branded with some high designer name or it’s Halloween week, it really isn’t a shade that you see people clinging to like black. Why is that? Well, I’ve got a couple thoughts.
First, it’s not a universally flattering color. It undeniably looks best on people with warmer and darker skin tones. As a gal with ginger roots, I can tell you that orange is not and will never be my color. With that being said, my friends with caramel skin tones and darker hair look great in it.
Another trouble with orange is its pairings. I’m a fashion gal and I have a hard time figuring out what to do with anything in the color. You want to stay away from black, so you don’t look too Halloween. You want to stay away from reds and yellows, so you don’t look too Ronald McDonald. It pairs well with kelly green but really only on days like St. Paddy’s. You see where I am going here? It’s definitely not an easy color to navigate but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to wear.
Disclaimer here before I give you advice on how you can rope this color in (if it is going to be as trendy as fashion forecasters predict). Orange is not and will NEVER be the new black. Ever. In all eternity. I cling to black like my first born child and I will never give up my love affair with it; it is comforting, it is classic and it will never leave our closets entirely. Now, that I’ve gotten that out. Here are a few ideas on how (regardless of skin tone and hair color) you can bring some orange into your wardrobe.

Image from Polyvore.

Popping bottoms. If you don’t think that orange is your color, just keep it away from your face. You don’t have to nix it completely. Try a cropped orange pant for spring. It will bring vibrancy in a brighter shade and you won’t need to worry about how it reflects on your complexion if it is on the bottom.
Sunny soles. If orange is trending through the year, we will see more shoe styles roping this color in. Try a solid or printed pump with this citrusy shade intertwined. An orange pump would bring life to an outfit comprised of navy blues and white/ivory. Imagine an orange shoe with a straight navy pant and ivory chiffon blouse.
Bright baubles. Undeniably, the easiest way to work in a trendy color is with accessories and/or beauty products. While I won’t be able to offer too many ways to make orange work in your beauty regime (aside from a nail color, maybe!), I can tell you that a statement earring or bracelet will make orange work for you in your fashion rotations. I like the idea of stacked bracelets with orange features to accent an outfit – its a safe way to rock a trend!

So, dear readers, will orange be your new black or not?

Share your thoughts on this trendy color below!