My closet is PACKED with Little Black Dresses (LBD). I love them because they’re absolutely perfect for any occasion, season, event, and anyone’s style. Like any other type of dress, LBDs can come in all types of fabrics and cuts. There’s a LBD for everyone no matter you’re choice of style.

Inspired by Michelle’s guest post, I wanted to share my favorite LBD finds from Goodwill that are perfect to wear for the rest of the summer, but are still quite appropriate for the soon-to-be decreasing temperatures.

1.) Theory Linen Spaghetti Strap. This dress teeters more on the summer side, but definitely can be worn for fall. When I looked this dress up online, it originally retailed for $200+, so I had to pluck it from the racks! For summer it can be worn as is with a pair of sandals. To transform it into a fall piece, I’d throw a cardigan or blazer over it. I’d even consider wearing it with tights as well. I’m not entirely sure if it’s work appropriate (you tell me!), but with the right accessories and jacket it could work. I just love the long zipper down the front!

2.) Zara Lace Panel Dress. I wanted to kick off by sharing this lovely lacy Zara number. The top has beautiful lace detailing while the bottom transitions into a flowy solid black fabric. Although this dress is see through at the top, it can be worn with a cami underneath making it possibly appropriate for work. Throw a blazer over it and you’re all set! For a summer look, I’d go sleeveless or wear a nicely cut fitted blazer. For fall I could see this still being worn with a blazer with booties or plain boots. Not only is this dress good for work, but it can be worn on a night out with a camisole underneath or even a bandeau, if you dare!

3.) Juicy Couture Collared Dress. While this one isn’t necessarily a LBD, I’m still lumping it in with the others because it’s sleek, classic, and feminine. I am a sucker for collared dresses. It’s from my personal collection and is the first collared dress I’ve ever owned. I wear this one to work all of the time for two reasons. One it has sleeves and secondly it’s the perfect length. When worn all buttoned up I rock a bib type necklace. Like the dress above, wear your boots (with tights as an option) for a fall look and some pumps to keep it summery!

4.) Banana Republic Classic V-Neck. This little number is by Banana Republic and screams versatility to me for any occasion and season. The simplicity and classic nature of this dress makes it a perfect canvas for any accessory, jacket, or shoe. I can’t even begin to name off all the type of accessories I could sport with it. There are just so many!  For a fall look, I’d wear this dress with a slick, black, blazer to go for an all black and sleek look. In terms of shoes, I’d wear heels or boots, depending on the height and style. I’d go for heels too though! Patterned tights anyone?

5.) Strapless Fan-like Detail Party Dress. This is definitely not a dress you wear to work, but is quite suitable for a ladies night out or a date. What I love most about this dress is the detailing on the bust area. It reminds me of a vintage handheld fan. The care and intricacy of the sewing is quite impressive and exquisite. For summer I’d wear it without a blazer. For a cool evening, throw a fitted black, sequined, shimmery, or colored blazer over this and you’re good to go.
 Out of this collection which one is your favorite? Have you picked up any LBDs lately that are flexible to be worn for multiple seasons?