Dear readers, although I am the DC Goodwill Fashionista blogger, I’m certainly not the only Goodwill Fashionista in the community!
In taking this new role, my belief is that through this endeavor, I want to help represent all Goodwill Fashionistas out there and spread the word about Goodwill gems, our mission, and help grow the Goodwill fashion community.
In one of my first efforts, I took to the social media streets the other week, to ask all of you, “What makes you a Goodwill Fashionista?”
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Universally the responses were phenomenal and one thing is for sure: all of us Goodwill fashionistas are loud and proud about our love for fashion and shopping. Here are 8 Signs (I picked the number 8, because Goodwill has 8 letters!) that you’re a Goodwill Fashionista:
vintage Goodwill scarf
1.) You have an appreciation for all things vintage. Even if you’re not an vintage expert, you instantly get excited when a vintage item reveals itself on the rack. You’re also a star at mixing vintage and contemporary pieces together. Even if it’s just a simple belt or pair of earrings, you know how to integrate it flawlessly.
Goodwill Fall Shopping Bus Tour 2015
2.) Your weekend fun is shopping at Goodwill. The highlight of your day will be shopping at Goodwill, even in the heart of a busy Saturday. There’s nothing like finding a gem that’s perfect for your closet. Heck, you’ll even spend a Saturday night shopping instead of making Saturday night plans! You’ll even brag about it to your friends and get them to come along! Just like this Fall Shopping Bus Tour coming up!
eclectic Goodwill clothing
3.) Your closet is incredibly eclectic. Because shopping at Goodwill is so economical, you have the opportunity to purchase and try clothes that you might not normally buy at full price. In your closet, you have items that are super sporty, boho chic, punk, business-like… and you love it all. One day you might wear an all classic outfit with a statement necklace and the next day you’ll totally let it all out with colors. Friends will DEFINITELY try and shop your closet when they get the chance.
All Saints shirt
4.) Your closet is also ALWAYS growing. Because it’s inexpensive to shop at Goodwill stores, you can purchase a lot more items than if you’d purchased at full retail prices. Shopping for full priced items means you might only be able to afford one blazer or a few shirts on one shopping trip. For any one blazer you’d get at lets say Macy’s, at Goodwill you can buy 2 or 3 and still be under budget!
5.) You used to not be a label person, but it’s now growing on you. When I started shopping secondhand I loved buying fashionable clothes, but never really looked at labels. One of the reasons was because I knew I would never be able to afford super high-end goods. I thought, “Why even bother?” But once I started shopping at Goodwill I wanted to really get the biggest bang for my buck. Now I look at clothing tags every time I shop. There is nothing like finding a beautiful designer piece that originally sold for $200 and I got it for a bargain.
Mikasa tea cups
6.) You know the staff at your local Goodwill. And you’re proud of it. The employees at every Goodwill I’ve gone to in the area are amazing and so helpful. At my favorite Goodwill, everyone knows me and I know them. It puts the shopping experience on a whole other level of being satisfying.
7.) First you were in it for fashion, but now you’ve branched out to housewares, trinkets, furniture, electronics…When you first started shopping at Goodwill it was only about looking for clothes, but now you know the whole store is a treasure trove. You also begin to wonder, “Did the woman who donated all of these fabulous clothing, donate these housewares as well?” And after shopping at Goodwill so many times, it begins to be a one-stop for everything. Moving? Goodwill’s got you. Need school supplies? It’s back-to-school season! The shelves are lined with books and binders.
8.) You have a passion for fashion AND you believe in the cause. All Goodwill Fashionistas love fashion, hence the name “fashionista.” But what brings you to Goodwill fashionista status is that you know your shopping at Goodwill supports our mission. You almost always round up your change at the cash register because you know that money will further create job growth for those in the community.

There you have it. Being a Goodwill fashionista isn’t just a hobby for us, it’s a lifesytle. We keep it classy and sassy, and always look fresh even though we spent pennies on our outfits. And while looking fresh, we’re helping to create jobs opportunities in our community! 

Thanks everyone for contributing to this post! A special thanks goes out to Karli, Sherrie, Samantha, Lerkia, and Meg.

Not seeing a sign here that makes you a Goodwill Fashionista? Let me know in the comments! I’ll add it to the list!