Happy October, ghouls, boys, and nonbinary joys!  Yes, it’s finally Halloween month!  Including Samhain (the Gaelic festival), Dia de Muertos (the Latinx festival), All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and more!  

Halloween is my spouse’s favorite holiday.  And as a Jewish person who loves Halloween as well as Purim (the Jewish costume holiday in Spring), I especially enjoy Challahween and Havdalahween (the Friday and Saturday, the Shabbat, of Halloweek).  Too, our shared love of thrifting enables us to enjoy eerily inexpensive seasonal foods, clothing and accessories, home decor, costumes for our darling dogters, and on and on. 

During our time together today, I’m going to give you a glimpse into the spooky side of the Shop Goodwill jewelry sphere.  And a big, diverse and fabulous sphere it is!  Not just this season, either, but all year.        

First, four of the spooky jewels my spouse has thrifted from SGW.

A bat pendant in pewter with a faceted crystal ball; a skull pendant in hand-carved crystal; a silver ring with copper moons and stars and a cobalt blue jewel; and a silver ring with three Leviathan crosses.  

Next, a fabulous find from Victorian times!  Yes, Shop Goodwill has antiques, of all kinds.  I tell you, every time I say, “I’ll never see X at Goodwill”, there X is.  

This jeweled gold mourning ring includes a braid of real human hair!   


Finding Your Goodniks, there’s been a lot of talk lately about how important and challenging it is to feel “seen”.  How much more so during the pandemic.  Eye think these four rings can help:


A green eye — with teeth!


A green eye that evokes the goddess Nike, Victory.


A blue eye that’s hair-raisingly realistic.


Green, blue, and yellow eyes that ward off the Evil Eye.  

It’s also vital to practice self-care — and that starts with your skeleton. 


A huge handmade glass pendant of a skull with a solar system or galaxy inside!


A gold and silver skull ring with two additional skulls and ruby eyes. 


A skeleton hands necklace and earrings set — in a gunmetal finish with plenty of bling.


A silver necklace with blue jewels — where the pendant is a huge human skeleton/dragonfly hybrid! 

Self-care also includes getting your rest.  


A ring with a coffin-shaped stone in black glass.  (We tried to win this for my spouse!)


A ring with a coffin-shaped stone opal-like rainbow dichroic glass.

Caring for pets and plants can be very therapeutic, too.


A gold cat brooch with ruby eyes that seems to have seen some things. 


An anthropomorphic cat brooch in gold with a black and orange enameled dress and black boots, and a stretchy tail.


Rainbow bat earrings!  Also good for this LGBTQ+ History Month, which includes Coming Out Day, Pronouns Day, Spirit Day, and Intersex Day.


A silver ring that could be webbed wings, webbed feet, an unusual umbrella, or whatever your Halloween heart desires.


Eerie earrings — scrolling silver frames amber-like oval cabochons with ivory-colored roses encased inside.

There’s so much more…spiders and snakes and friends galore!  But, that’s all we have time for today.  Best wishes for the rest of your October and Fall!  

About our fabulous guest blogger:

Mycroft Masada (they/them) is a nonbinary trans and queer Jewish and interfaith leader with 30 years of experience, particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat liberation.  A Fat Torah Advisory Team member, Food Psych transcriptionist, and TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member, Mycroft is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist.  They’re also a lifelong and at least second-generation thrifter and thrifted everything is seen (and unseen) in this photo.  They are easy to find, Friend and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram