FYG Friends – This Friday, we are hosting a Fall Style Swap in partnership with Goodwill and Sole Wash, DC’s premier sneaker laundry service provider! At this event you’ll be able to exchange your gently used clothing and accessories with other fashionable individuals in the area.

Our previous swaps have been smashing successes – community members brought home unique and quality gems to gear up for the cold weather season.

To prep for this particular swap, here are 3 major tips to keep in mind before the big day on October 22nd from 5 – 8 PM:

1.) Arrive when it begins!

There’s truth to the saying “the early bird gets the worm“. This definitely rings true for clothing swaps.

To obtain the best pick of the selection, arrive with your items when the event begins to maximize your opportunity to swap. At this event, clothing drop-off is at 5 PM. This ensures there are items available right at 6 PM when swapping begins… and you should definitely be there during this time.

Then, as the swap goes on, you’ll already be hanging around and ready to keep on trading!

If you arrive towards the end, gems will still available, but not as many as the beginning. It’s like going to a sale right before the store is closing for the day.

2.) Try things on (and dress to do so), to ensure you’re only taking items that you love, need, and will actually wear

Swapping is like shopping at Goodwill; you don’t want to take things home that don’t fit!

So come wearing comfy clothes, like leggings and a tank, that you can easily throw stuff over.

You must try items on at a swap. There’s nothing worse than coming home with bags full of goods you can’t wear! Then you have to bring them to another swap and your home will no longer be clutter-free.

Lastly, dressing for swap success ensures that other swap attendees can potentially enjoy something that might not work for you. Swaps are about style, sustainability AND the community.

Take only what you need, love and what fits your style preferences.

3.) Take what you love AND be considerate

I’ve taken home seemingly hundreds of gems from swaps. But I always make sure I’m not taking too much. It’s the worst when go to a swap and see other attendees with billions of items that probably won’t fit them and you only have a few things.

I just advise all swap attendees to be considerate of each other and encourage swapping. A swap is more fun when we’re all swapping together and trading style tips! It’s also fun to exchange finds during the swapping process.

We hope to see you on Friday! Details on the swap are below. If you would like to attend please RSVP via Eventbrite.

Come swap your clothing, accessories, and shoes for a brand new summer wardrobe! All items can be swapped, no matter the style or size.

Please bring at least 5 unstained and undamaged items. Worn socks and undergarments will not be accepted. Bring only items that you would give to a friend.

Date: Friday, October 22nd
Time: Clothing Drop-Off | 5-6 PM
Swap | 6 PM-8 PM
Fee: FREE – $5 suggested donation
Location: SOLE WASH

427 8th Street, S.E. Washington, DC 20003 

*metro accessible
*plenty of parking at the top