A picture of the DC Goodwill Fashionista (a woman in a knee length skirt and a black top with short black hair) standing in the parking lot outside of the Goodwill store on South Dakota Ave. in Washington DC

Fashionistas, two years ago, I spelled out some great shopping tips and tricks to the ultimate, smart, and considerate shopping experience. This article was one of my most popular posts. Readers seemed to agree on everything in it was true and helpful.

As I look back at these tips I’m still shaking my head yes. But I wanted to reiterate and add more to this list.

A picture of a jewelry case in a Goodwill retail store. There are various earrings shown within the case

A picture of a rack of clothing in a Goodwill retail store. A white, sleeveless dress is not hanging with the rest of the clothes and is shown more prominent in the picture

1.) Go to multiple Goodwills in your area, and go often.

Did you hear? DC Goodwill stores just launched a new sale, “Color of the Week”, that has me REALLY excited! Instead of waiting for a few 50% off sales each month, now I can have them every day!

Since October 1st, we fashionistas can enjoy 50% savings at Goodwill with the “Color of the Week” sale. All we have to do is look for the colored barb or sticker that corresponds to the items on sale each week.

With this new sale, I have all the more reason to go to Goodwill stores each week or each day to find gems. Even without this new sale, I still say it’s important to venture out to Goodwill often during different times of the day. The inventory is ALWAYS changing, especially at different stores. Goodwill is not like a regular retail store – new merchandise is always shifting and hitting the floor.

A woman in a Goodwill store holding a burgundy colored shoe. There are clothing racks and a blue shopping cart is in the background

2.) Patience is a key.

Not only is patience important when shopping (it can take an hour of shopping to find a cart-full of treasures), but it’s also key when new items are hitting the sales floor.

As an ultra-lover of Goodwill, there’s nothing like the feeling and sight of the doors swinging open to reveal a new rack of clothing hitting the floor. That rack houses “new” merchandise that could be designer or vintage gems you’ve been searching for. You never know! So when I see new racks of inventory coming out, my first instinct is to watch and follow it.

At Goodwill stores, this is totally okay. However, one thing I’ve learned not to do is chase after the rack so I don’t obstruct the Goodwill employees’ path or job duties, and/or push other customers.

When I first started realizing the beauty of going through a new rack, my excitement made me get a little wild. But I learned being a patient and relaxed shopper was safer and more pleasant. Shopping at Goodwill should be a pleasant and exciting experience, not an unsafe one reminiscent of Black Friday mornings.

A picture of the inside of the front of a Goodwill retail store. There are multicolored dressing rooms in the background, various furniture items, clothing racks, and a woman looking over a table of various breakfast items

At the monthly Meetups breakfast is provided so you can fuel up for a full day morning of shopping.

3.) Fuel up!

Now that I’ve realized shopping at Goodwill is more of an experience, not an errand, I eat a snack to keep me going through the day.

Sometimes I might stay at a Goodwill for an hour or two going through every nook and cranny of the store. This activity makes me hungry!

I keep a snack bar in my car to tame my eventual hunger pains. Although you’re not supposed to chow down at Goodwill while shopping (just like at any retail store), I keep some 100-calorie pack nut snacks or dried fruit to keep me going.
And bring water too! I don’t want to faint from finding a Chanel at Goodwill, not from being hungry and dehydrated.

What shopping tips do you have fashionistas? I’d love to add yours to my list and share them with the community!