For my fashion girls out there, I know you can relate to the feeling of scoring a perfect pair of shoes. They’re the accessory that has the power to tie an outfit together. They make us feel tall, powerful and beautiful. And, truthfully, they are just too fun to collect.

I recently took a quick stroll through the Clinton, Maryland Goodwill store and I knew I had to rush home and put this post together because I found so many amazing pairs of designers shoes there; it reminded me why I exclusively shoe shop at Goodwill. You need to RUN to your nearest Goodwill if your shoe game is lacking.

Look, my dear readers, I have a taste for the finer things in life on occasion. Shoes are definitely one of those occasions. But, I would never, ever, EVER pay full price for the designer shoe brands that I like. I just can’t justify dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes. So, what do I do? Keep an eye out every time I head into Goodwill because I can always find something cute for a fraction of the price. Why should you be doing the same, you ask? Let me explain.

If you get a bit weirded out about wearing second-hand shoes. Let’s clear that up first. I’d argue that 80% of the donated shoes get donated because they didn’t fit someone else properly. Thus, most of them are almost brand new!

For me, scoring a pair of Stuart Weitzman or Ferragamos for less than $20.00 is truly intoxicating. If you don’t believe your Goodwill has these brands, you’re really missing out. I’ve been second-hand shopping for nearly 15 years and there are very few designers I’ve never come across. I buy my shoes at Goodwill because there is NO better option for saving my hard earned cash and supporting my shoe habit. Take a look at just a few of the pairs I spotted at the Clinton Store.

So, if you’re in need of a special occasion shoe, why would you spend upwards of $50.00 – $200.00 on something brand new when you can definitely find a trendy and perfect alternative at Goodwill! If you only pay $10.00 for a pair, you’ll feel much less guilty about donating them back after just a couple wears. I shoe shop at Goodwill not only for the cost savings but also for the variety!

What’s the best shoe score you’ve found at Goodwill?