Carolyn sports timeless, white Converse sneakers for the fall.


Fashionistas, my fall fashion flair is still going full force for the month of November!

The decreasing autumn temperatures have me transitioning from bright, tight garments to loose, comfy ones. Each fall, I always want to wear something that’s cozy and resembles a big ol’ blanket (haha!). I think it may be because I get cold easily…who knows!

Regardless of the type of “coziness” I’m rocking, I still like to keep it a bit contemporary and edgy. So if I’m wearing an oversized tee, you can bet that I’ll also sport a unique jacket.

I also like to whip out my collection of cool sneakers too – there’s nothing like wearing a “new-to-you” pair of kicks that are both stylish and comfortable – whether walking the cooler DC streets or apple picking with friends on a remote farm.


Carolyn's Converse sneakers found at Goodwill.

For today’s fall look, I assembled these trends into one look that really turned heads!

Within this “streets-meets-sleek” fall look, I wore a unique Obey brand jacket with a selection of classically fashionable Goodwill finds. The show-stoppers that caused the most chatter were practically new high-top Converse sneakers, found for under $10 at Goodwill.

Not only did my kicks look sleek, but they were also easy to walk around in for miles…and by miles, I really mean it! These shoes were so comfy, that I walked over 10 miles in them! Now that’s quality.

Typically, I’m not a sneaker girl, but sometimes, you just have to experiment with your look – and Goodwill is the perfect place to test out new trends! I now know that Converse and denim are the perfect equation for a funky Sunday fun day look.

Curious to know more about the components in my fall look? My outfit consisted of the following:

  • White Converse: Bowie Goodwill store, $6
  • Light Denim: Zara, Gaithersburg Goodwill store, $3
  • White Shirt:No brand, South Dakota Avenue Goodwill store, $4
  • Jacket:Obey, Secondhand Store
  • Earrings: Mall find

Outfit total (Goodwill items):$13

What do you think of my comfy classic fall look, readers?