I can’t believe it fashionistas! There’s ALREADY a trend that I severely dislike in 2016 and I hope it doesn’t hit the DC streets. Let’s hope that it stays on the catwalk and only the catwalk.
So what is this trend that I already despise? Pajamas as regular clothing. That’s right. Pajamas are being transformed into regular everyday attire. As much as I love a good pair of PJs, the only place I’d wear them out to is a 24/7 diner at 3 AM.

So here’s the first look that I already hate with a burning passion. Am I being too harsh? This look is by the famous Alexander Wang.
While I love most of his designs, this one is not hitting home for me. The top looks like an oversized silk bowling shirt for an uncle. It’s quite ill-fitting.
It looks pretty soft and comfy, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for work. And even if I wore it out, I think it would get ruined very easily.

I love this next designer a lot too, Dior. Who doesn’t love Dior? But this next ensemble is also atrocious. It looks like cotton candy combined with an ugly vintage frock. The colors on this piece would not look very flattering on me, and it’d appear that I’m swimming in some sort of unknown mysterious material.
This too looks pretty breezy though. I’ll give it that much.

More uncle wear! Oh hello there, 1950’s men’s pajamas. This jacket actually isn’t as bad as some of the other looks, but the robe and pant combo looks masculine and a bit off.
Props to the provocative white garment underneath, though. It adds a bit of sassy femininity and by Thakoon.

Lastly, let’s end off on an okay but still terrible note. 🙂
I’m all for silk pajama sets, but not to be worn out to dancing or work! It looks too out of place in a bad way and I could imagine people asking me if I’m wearing my PJs out.
Do you think this is a jumpsuit? If so…..just no. I would never wear this. Great color though, Ralph Lauren!

What do you think of this emerging runway trend, fashionistas? Would you rock the PJ out on the town?