A collage of three pictures: the top largest one is of one of the women's cloths racks at the Alexandria Goodwill of Greater Washington store, the bottom left is of the check out cash wrap at the same store with customers around it, and the bottom right one is of customers shopping around the store
To prep for the upcoming July 4th weekend, my fellow DC fashionistas, fashionistos, and I hit the Goodwill racks this past Saturday morning for my monthly Meetup series. For this edition, we ventured to one of the Goodwills in Alexandria, VA- the one with the white storefront on Richmond Highway. And let me tell you, this one was our biggest yet!

I couldn’t keep track of all the attendees because they kept rolling in! But it seemed like more than 30 locals came out ranging from Moms, Dads, kids, friends, newbies… everyone! As usual, not a single person left empty-handed.

It’s always such a pleasure shopping with my fellow fashionistas; the new ones and the regulars. There are always new faces! Not only were the attendees amazing but the staff was incredible to work with as well. Vivien, the store manager, ensured the store was well-stocked and ready for the morning frenzy.

A woman in white pants and a sleeveless shirt shopping the racks at the Alexandria Goodwill of Greater Washington retail store
The furniture and books and media section of the Alexandria Goodwill of Greater Washington retail store

A collage of three pictures of a vintage Fendi purse: the first one on the left is of a close up of the purse's round, leather, logo, the middle one is of the whole purse itself, and the last one on the right is a close up of the purse's floral stitching pattern
The store was absolutely STOCKED with all types of finds; ranging from clothing, to vintage items, and even home goods.

A picture of the women's clothing racks at the Alexandria Goodwill of Greater Washington retail store
A picture of a woman in black shopping next to a blue Goodwill of Greater Washington shopping cart. She is holding a white mug

Nicole, my friend and Meetup frequenter, always finds great deals on clothing and housewares. She’s new to the area, but her love of Goodwill traveled with her to DC.

A picture of a wicker basket found at the Alexandria Goodwill of Greater Washington retail store
Now, I bet you’re wondering what I found on this trip. I promise you, my search was very fruitful. One thing to note about this trip was I didn’t really want to take home many finds because I’m going through a massive closet clean-out. But I did score some home goods like this $3 basket.

A picture of a 1980's Sun Maid raisin bank with a raisin character in sunglasses on it

I found this odd 1987 raisin bank. What a conversation starter!

A picture of two white mugs with flowers on them. They are laying on top of a colorful table cloth
I also picked up a few vintage cups as well as a gorgeous tablecloth. Each of these were for about a buck a piece.

In total, I spent about $20 on what originally would have been $100+ worth of treasures at this Meetup. As always I did leave several great gems behind for another lucky shopper to take home, such as J Crew button-ups and a Free People dress.

It’s always such a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals who love fashion and shop with smarts. There’s nothing better than shopping and meeting new people while contributing to a great cause and providing job opportunities in the community.

Come to our next Meetup if you couldn’t make it to this one! Stay tuned for more details or just sign-up for our Meetup group! <3