I’ll just say it up front, dear readers, I’m hooked on circular sunnies. And I will admit, sometimes they can be a little out there and showy, but I can’t stop buying oodles and oodles of pairs this season. In some of my pictures, you might have noticed that the sunglasses I usually wear are round.

For the longest time, I’ve had trouble finding sunglasses that fit just right. My face is kind of small, so most sunglasses are too big on me and over power my whole entire face. I’ve tried aviators, wayfarers, and many many more — and while I do own some of these styles that do fit my face, there is something about circular sunnies that screams feminine and unique to me. Round sunglasses are a modern approach to a very classic and timeless type of frame. They also pay homage to the greatest trendsetting musicians such as John Lennon. Essentially, these sunnies touch the vintage soul in me.

With any pair of sunglasses, your face has to fit the frame just right. If you have more of a rounded face shape, circular sunnies might not be the right fit. With this type of facial structure, I’ve seen that rectangular sunglasses, are perfect. Same with Ray-Ban wayfarers, too.

If your face is more like a square, rounded sunnies are perfect for you. This type of frame works well with the angles of the face, and is a great balance against the defined jawline. This article is great for figuring out what frame fits your face.

This past Friday, I ventured to the Goodwill that’s closest to me to see if I could find any treasure. When pulling up to the lot, I was a bit nervous because it looked super packed and I thought the store might be picked over. Luckily, my hunch was incorrect and hit the jackpot in the sunglasses area. Someone had donated a lot of their stylish sunglasses that were barely worn. Because I do have so many pairs (I can’t stop buying them!), I wound up taking only one pair home with me — but they were the coolest most valuable ones.

PicMonkey Collage

Rounded sunnies and pink lips

I felt excitement rushing through my body when I found these almost new House of Harlow Imagine sunglasses hidden at the bottom of the basket. I’d seen these on celebrities before and knew that they originally retail for $100+. I don’t think I would have gotten them if they weren’t round sunglasses. The unique shape of these is really difficult to find, and they look like they came right off the runway.

Besides the shape, I also love the little details on these sunnies. I especially like the leather detailing around half of the lenses, which adds a mod and sculptural look. I also love the fact that they’re all black, with very little silver metal showing; they will definitely be able to match a lot of different types of outfits for the seasons to come.

FullSizeRender (4)

Rockin’ my shades with a touch of color

One bad thing about these shades, is that I feel like they’re a little too big on my face and kind of make me look like a bug. Despite their size, I do think I’m going to still try and rock them. What are your thoughts? I feel like they could potentially work…

If this is going to help sell you the rounded sunnies look for you, here are my favorite celebrity circle sunnie looks.

Our favorite celebs of all ages rocking the rounded shades look

Our favorite celebs of all ages rocking the rounded shades look. Source: Image by Celebrity Sunglass Blog , Celebrityfashionista.com, and Guest of a Guest

How do you feel about round sunnies? Is there room for a pair of these in your closet? If not, what’s your favorite style of sunglasses?