Cobalt blue is a must-have color in everyone’s closet. This exquisite piece I’m sharing with you today is an Elie Tahari classic, yet modern, blouse.

This lovely item was spotted at the Goodwill in Rockville. I picked this item up to build my own wardrobe, but unfortunately it was too big on me. Lucky for you, you’re benefiting from my unfortunate clothing loss. 😉

Elie Tahari has been a designer for decades, known for his tailored, modern, upscale, and office-ready attire. He designs for both men and women and is sold in stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Lord & Taylor. I’ve collected some of his pieces over the last few years. I find his garments to be tailored very well and flatter my figure. The cuts of most of his pieces are simple, yet chic, and some are quite sculptural like today’s garment.

This bright blue silky and luscious top is an extra-small made with a great quality polyester material. To touch it feels kind of like silk. It has classic and sophisticated detailing on the top shoulder while the hip area creates a water or wave like cut.  A blouse like this probably  retails for upwards of $150. Even though this blouse fits an extra- small, it would probably fit a small as well (lucky you!).

I could see this top being paired with some white slacks or a simple black skirt. Honestly, I’m leaning towards pants because a skirt would hide or detract from the detailing in the hip area. Along with white pants, I could see nude patent pumps to keep the blue the star of the outfit. To add even more jazz to the ensemble, I’d rock a bug necklace with stones. Nothing of a color that’s too bright, again, to refrain from drawing attention away from the top.

Depending on if you’re planning to add accessories, I’d either go with a simple necklace OR big statement earrings. But never go BIG for both! That would just be way too much of a jewelry party going on.

Depending on your mood, I’m feeling some hot pink lips with this top. You might think it’s too bold with the top, but I encourage you to try it! It would add one more nice color pop and blocking effect.

Cobalt blue is a must have color in every fashionista’s closet.

Dear readers, how would you style this piece? Would you make a bold style choice and rock a pink lip?