My first Six under Six feature is on vintage housewares, accessories, and clothing some dating all the way back to the 60’s. Since the July 4th weekend, I’ve been getting super lucky with finding vintage of all kinds at my local Goodwill stores and you can, too!

Retro coffee pot

Retro coffee pot

1) Coffee pots. This vintage mid-century modern glass coffee pot came from Goodwill in Rockville, the location that is closest to my home. I don’t drink coffee, at all really, but I had to snag it! What caught my attention was the scientific vessel-like flask shape – I’d never seen one like it before. I’ll have to start drinking coffee so I can put this to good use! With my 10% off Capital One discount, this cost me $3.


2) Pyrex coffee cups. After finding my new coffee pot, these vintage Pyrex coffee cups and bowl jumped at me. I’ve seen them at vintage houseware stores throughout DC, but still wasn’t quite sure where they were from, when they were made, and why they were worthy enough to be sold at boutiques. Little did I know, they were vintage Pyrex pieces from the 80’s. Old Pyrex pieces are highly sought-after, not made in China, very durable, come in all types of designs, and are simply classic. I think they are so beautiful because they can sit out in the open as decor. Each piece was a smidgen under $1. I scored 4 mugs and a bowl.

Blue bloomer and dress

3) Bloomers. This 1960’s two-piece bloomer and dress was scored from Goodwill in Gaithersburg for $3. This set is very light, airy and perfect for the summer heat. I LOVE that it comes in two parts; this is something I don’t see very often. I feel like Betty Draper in this blue number!

Vintage lucite bag

4) Vintage Handbags. As you can see in the photo of me wearing the blue dress, I’m rocking a 1970’s purse along with it. I scored this gem at Goodwill in Annandale for only $4. This accessory was a must-have for me because the style is unique and the color will match most of my outfits. The best part? The handle is lucite which is getting increasingly more difficult to find. P.S. the little vintage cups are also from Goodwill — 50 cents each! 😉

Tiger tee

5) Retro tees. As you can see, I had to try this soft 70’s tiger graphic long-sleeve in the dressing room to make sure it would fit. That’s one of my main rules while thrifting: always try things on! I plucked it from Goodwill in Arlington for $5. I can’t wait to wear it in the fall with a bib necklace and jeans. It’s so comfy, I could wear it all of the time. If you have a chance, look up Wildfox. This top reminds me of their designs.


6) Heels. And last but not least, these beautiful heels were found at the Goodwill in Rockville for $6.  The Bloomingdale’s logo marks the inside of these shoes, so they’re most definitely a score. They remind me of Cinderella’s shoe a little bit; at least that’s who I feel like when I wear them! 🙂

Have you find any vintage scores at Goodwill? What vintage pieces to you look for most often: housewares, accessories, clothes, or all of the above?