Way back when in the nineties (ha!), there was a bag style that no gal could go without. No, I am not talking about the backpack purse but you are close. Ah! Yes Рthe bucket bag, you remember! Not to be confused with the bucket hat, which we all hope never resurfaces, the bucket bag was a must-have style of the nineties.
Upon my perusal of my arsenal of fashion blogs, I’ve noticed more and more ladies reaching for this throwback style. I have to say, they’ve gotten a much needed face lift since the one I carried through middle school. I recall that a woven tapestry was the most popular of styles back then, but it seems to be all about the leather look now. I’ve pulled together a few examples of the newly trendy bags and how fashionable ladies are styling them. From a perfect pair to booties to a fabulous accent to boyfriend denim, the bucket bag will most certainly find its place in our wardrobe once again!

I love this look of the bag paired with a boyfriend jean. Photo taken from Haute off the Rack.

I love this look of the bag paired with a boyfriend jean. Image from Haute off the Rack.

IThe gray is great neutral, right? Photo taken from Style Withhin Reach.

The gray is great neutral, right? Image from Style Within Reach.

Here's a dressier version of the bucket bag. Photo taken from Damsel in Dior.

Here’s a dressier version of the bucket bag. Image from Damsel in Dior.

So now that we’ve felt out how other ladies are styling them, let’s think about what we’ll do once we snag one (from Goodwill of course!). I love when trends resurface from years prior because it makes them so much easier to replicate from second hand shopping options. In terms of styling, I like the idea of a solid leather to be styled with a more polished, professional look. A solid black, pebbled leather will be a great option if you want this to be your primary bag. It will match everything AND it has a more polished look. If you want to snag the bucket style for a playful piece in rotation, go for something with a texture. I like the idea of doing python texture in a solid color like the first option I showed above. You could also go for a brighter color as a playful addition. Here are few style ideas!

bucket bagsImage from Polyvore.

Will you be trying out this resurfaced trend?