I’ve got a trend to share that deserves a place in the busy gal’s wardrobe. I love all-in-one outfit pieces not only because they’re easy but more importantly because they’re savvy! Shopping for a dress at Goodwill for $8.99 is the most cost effective way to dress on a dime. Not that a $4.99 top and $5.99 bottom are expensive, but more like I could use that extra $2.00 to get a Starbucks latte while I shop. Ha!
Today’s trend talk is all about the shirtdress. This is no crazy, new, fly-off-the-shelf style. It’s faded in an out of the fashion limelight for years but has always remained in the classics category. When done right, these pieces can be incredibly classy. Conversely, when done wrong, these can look downright awkward. I recently picked up two different styles at Goodwill, both for $8.99 and wanted to share some style tips with my dearest fashionistas (that’s you!) about how to rock this trend with confidence. The first style is a gray J.Crew piece that is office passable and casually chic. The second is a Gap chambray number that I won’t wear in my office but some may find appropriate for theirs. Here’s a few tips on finding a style that suits you best!

Here is the J Crew one that I sported at work earlier this week.

Here is the J Crew one that I sported at work earlier this week.

Here is my Goodwill Gap Chambray shirtdress!

Here is my Goodwill Gap Chambray shirt dress!

Look for a loose fit. This style isn’t meant to be a body con, dear readers. A loose fit will be the most flattering here. You will want a nice, shapely fit through the shoulder to accentuate your shape, but not too tight on the bust or the hips. You don’t want those annoying button-peepholes to appear! This style is meant to be comfortable and breezy so make sure you snag one in the right size.
Shorter style, shorter heel. Depending on if the shirtdress is in a casual or professional style, you will want to take the length into consideration when choosing a shoe. Casual styles can hit well above the knee so a flatter shoe will balance out the shortness. A midi-length shirtdress would pair excellently with a mid to high heel. If you’re going casual, a stacked and chunky heel style would look fab!
Accessorize it. My only real complaint about the shirtdress is its sometimes shapelessness. Not always but sometimes, these pieces can be rectangular dresses with buttons down the front that do nothing for a womanly shape. Luckily, both of the style I found came with their own belts but if you find one without – don’t fret. A braided belt, tucked and tied would look awesome with a casual style and a wider, leather style would be the perfect partner to a professional-esque one.

How do you feel about the shirtdress, my dear fashionistas? Are you loving this one-stop-shop look as much as I am?