The Winter blues are finally coming to an end, and I can’t wait to decorate for the upcoming Spring season.

Some of my favorite things about the Spring are fresh flowers including tulips and daisies, which bring a smile to my face. So, finding a bouquet of metal daisies at Goodwill brought the same joy to my spirit. 

A few weeks ago, while browsing the Clinton, MD nonprofit Goodwill location, I found the cutest metal daisies in the houseware section of the store.

I grabbed the entire bouquet in beautiful pastel colors of yellow, purple, and pink. Each flower was intact, complete with stems and leaves, and was priced at $1.99 each.

I arranged my daisies in a purple quart-sized Mason jar to pull my Spring color, which was also purchased at a Goodwill location.

If you love flowers like me, be on the hunt for flowers that will last forever! 

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