Each new year, I try to give myself a collection of lifestyle and fashion-related resolutions for the new year. The goal is to always try something new and have some sort of mini feat during each year of my life. I like to spice things up and have a new memory or goal to look back on as I become older.

For 2018, I’ve already thought of 3 challenges I want to complete, all Goodwill-related. Will you try them with me, fashionistas?

Manassas Virginia Goodwill

1.) Go to a DC Goodwill Store I Have Not Visited

Fashionistas, you won’t believe this. When thinking about all of the Goodwill stores I’ve been to, I realized I’ve never ventured to the Manassas, VA location! It’s not even that far from me, I just never think to go out there for shopping.

That all being said, I will most certainly be visiting this location this coming year. I might even include you in this activity as part of my Monthly Meetup!

Have you been to this store? Do you have any recommendations or suggestions? 

2.) Make a Monthly Donation Trip

With each monthly Meetup in 2017, my closet sure has tripled in size! Only a few items are leaving my fashion collection. Although I love everything I’ve scored, there are some pieces I have not gotten around to wearing, which has been sitting in my closet untouched.

So that I can continue to grow my closet in the new year, I’m setting a goal for myself to make a Goodwill donation each month. I might even make donation-making a part of my monthly Meetup routine as well! 

Goodwill shopping with a friend.

3.) Bring a Friend with Me Shopping at Least Once a Month

This is an interesting goal because I feel like I already do this. One part I love about Goodwill shopping is doing it with like-minded individuals and/or helping others build a great wardrobe affordably. There’s nothing like opening someone’s eyes for the first time to Goodwill shopping and showing them the collection of brands to be found. It’s exhilarating! 

This coming year I want to bring more of my friends out shopping to share the Goodwill love and excitement. I’d be open to personal shopping for them…anything to get them to come out! 

I’ll also make a specific goal to bring more male-identified friends out to stores. In 2017, I took one guy friend on a shopping bonanza and we experienced tons of success. I’d love to do that again to further showcase that guys can find a fun wardrobe at Goodwill, too! It’s not hard whatsoever. 🙂 

What are your 2018 Goodwill goals, fashionistas? Can I help you meet them in 2018?