With the new year quickly approaching, I’m giving myself a collection of 2019 lifestyle and fashion-related resolutions to spice things up and grow my style sensibilities.

Each year, my overall goal is to always try something new and have some sort of mini feat, so that I always have something to look back on, despite my age. I like to be adventurous and have a new memory or goal to look back on as I become older.

For 2019, I’ve already thought of 3 challenges I want to complete, all Goodwill-related. Will you try them with me, fashionistas?

1.) I’ve been to all 20 DC Goodwill stores, but I’d like to venture out to more of the VA locations. I visit those the least.

Readers, I’ve been to all 20 Goodwill DC/MD/VA locations but there are some that I don’t give enough love to, except for Meetups. There are a few locations that are a little far for me to visit, however, if I come up with a shopping plan, this resolution will be completed with ease!

With this goal, I’d like to maybe even organize a shopping trip, where I visit multiple stores during one drive. Some of the VA locations are quite close together, making this an achievable possibility.

2.) Make a Quarterly Donation Trip

Last year, my goal was to donate on a monthly basis, but unfortunately, I did not meet that goal. In fact, instead of getting rid of items in my closet, my wardrobe almost doubled, making it hard for me to organize.

Thus, I’m going to adjust this goal so that in 2019, I can make some real moves and be more realistic with my actual behaviors.

During 2019, I plan on making quarterly trips to Goodwill, tied to when I make wardrobe transitions. If I’m already moving clothing from in and out of my closet to adhere to climate changes, I might as well sort and donate too!

3.) Bring my Friends on a Mini Goodwill Shopping Tour

This is an interesting goal because I already bring my friends on shopping trips. However, I’d like to evolve this activity and have a Goodwill tour with a crew of my good friends. The plan would be to craft a shopping agenda, collect snacks, and rent a large car for a day of shopping and exploration.

One part I love about Goodwill shopping, especially through this more committed shopping endeavor, is doing it with like-minded individuals and/or helping others build a great wardrobe affordably. There’s nothing like opening someone’s eyes for the first time to Goodwill shopping and showing them the collection of brands to be found. It’s exhilarating! 

With this tour, I’d like to bring more male-identified friends out to stores and show them the greatness that can be found at Goodwill. In 2017, I took one guy friend on a shopping bonanza and we experienced tons of success. I’d love to do that again to further showcase that guys can find a fun wardrobe at Goodwill, too! It’s not hard whatsoever.  

What are your 2019 Goodwill goals, readers? Can I help you meet them in 2019?


Carolyn Becker

A self-proclaimed thrifty spunky petite fashionista who works in the marketing field by day, and is an artist and musician by night. You can find her bragging about her designer Goodwill thrift finds on her Instagram: @petite_punk.