Before I wax poetic about bras, dear readers, I thought I’d introduce myself!  I’m the new DC Goodwill Fashionista and I’m super excited to be sharing my passion for fashion and thrifting with you!  You might know me from my guest posts on the blog or my Instagram, but if not, keep reading, and we’ll get to know each other soon.  So enough about me, let’s talk fashion!
June is here and it’s time to start seriously thinking about your summer wardrobe. Personally, I start daydreaming about summer dresses in March when the weather gives us the first hint warmth is on its way. This summer I’m all about the peekaboo bra. It’s summery, sexy, and looks good on every body type.

halter straps

Steer clear of halters and bra straps!

Before we can talk about the many ways to rock this trend, we’ve got to go over the things to steer clear of.  The number one rule of this trend is no nude bras!  If you wear a bra that matches your skin color, it looks you’re trying to look like you’re not wearing a bra, which defeats the whole point of the trend!  Remember, this is all about showing off something you normally don’t, so you want it to look intentional.   Also, don’t even think about rocking this trend by wearing a bra with straps under a strapless dress or halter top!  Instead of showing the world you’re a fashionista, you’ll just look like you don’t own the right bra.  Ok, we’ve got the don’ts out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!
side view

Rock that side view!

My favorite way to rock this trend is with the side peekaboo. If the idea of showing your bra to the world makes you want to climb under a rock, this is the style for you. It’s super subtle and is really more about showing off your bra than your breasts. Lace is a must for this one because the texture adds just the right amount of sexiness.
If you’re a little more daring, go the backless route. I think the key here is color.  Bust out a bright blue, red, or pink. Like the side view version, this look gives a hint of bra, but isn’t super revealing or in your face.  But the bare back takes the sexiness to the next level.
sheer shirt

Black bra peeking through!

Last but not least, let’s talk about the see through shirt and bra combo. You can go all out and wear a sheer or perforated shirt to really put your bra on display, if you’re feeling bold. I like pairing a light colored shirt with a dark bra for just a little bit of added sex appeal.  For this look, you can really wear any kind of bra, just make sure it’s dark enough to be visible through your shirt. You want to make it clear you know your bra’s showing and you like it.  Unlike the other two styles that just offer a peek of bra, this puts your entire bra front and center so it’s not for the wallflowers!
Clearly I’m on board with this trend, but what do you think?  Are you a side view, back view, or sheer kinda girl?  Or is this trend not for you?  Let me know what you think!