matte gold

Amazing what $20 can buy!

I love Goodwill, dear readers, but when I need something fashionable in a flash, I hope to find Forever 21. I had a wedding to attend last month and nothing in my closet seemed right. It was going to be an outdoor wedding, so my outfit had to keep me cool, but a little cotton sundress was going to be too casual for this semi-formal affair. I visited Goodwill more times than I can count looking for the right dress and finally found it a week before the wedding at the Glebe Road Goodwill! Black, strapless, and very fitted, this Maria Bianca Nero dress was exactly what I wanted and I was so happy with my find. But other than lace panels on the side, the dress was pretty plain, so I knew I had to accessorize it up. Enter Forever 21! In less than 15 minutes I found a super chic matte gold cuff and necklace for $10! Adding that to the cost of my dress, I was looking good for less than $20.
f21 jeans

A great Goodwill find!

I’m always finding Forever 21 clothes when I go to Goodwill. My all time favorite thing to look for is Forever 21 jeans. I love the fit of their classic skinny jeans. I have short legs so I always look for their ankle jeans which fit me perfectly.
Like Carrie Bradshaw before me, I love shoes, and Forever 21’s shoes are surprisingly well made.  I’ve had a pair of their sandals for years and they’re still going strong.  They don’t have half sizes, which is a bummer, but their styles are always on trend and they have a lot of great shoes for less than $20.
Love finding new clothes!

Love finding new clothes!

Just this weekend, I picked up a pair of Forever 21 sexy distressed jeans, and because it was Super Saturday, I got them for half off!  Plus, there are a ton of new with tags Forever 21 clothes just waiting to be found.  My theory is that since Forever 21’s return policy is so unfriendly, women decide they’d rather donate the clothes they bought and didn’t love, rather than return them!  I found both of these brand new dresses on my last visit to the Columbia Pike Goodwill.
All in all, I’m a Forever 21 fan. What’s your favorite Forever 21 find from Goodwill?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!