The other day, I came across this post on MTV’s blog, that reminded me a little bit about how I felt about jelly shoes when I was younger; disdain and hatred.  Growing up I was a tomboy and never ever would wear jelly sandals or shoes of any kind. I wanted to wear clothes and shoes that I could get dirty while playing on a tire swing, running down hills, and building forts.

Today I’m posting to voice my opposition, celebrate jellies, and give you reasons why you should own a pair of jellies, and express why I love them so much.

My jellies!

My attempt at being artistic while walking to work

1.) They are affordable. Jellies are cheap, but not necessarily cheaply made.  And when you find them at Goodwill, they are the most affordable things ever. Jellies cost nearly nothing (depending on the style), and because they are so inexpensive, you can purchase multiple pairs in all different shapes and styles. Which brings me to another reason why jellies rock.

2.) They come in so many shapes and styles. Jellies come in many shapes, styles, patterns, and textures, that you can wear with most any outfit. I’m personally not a fan of the traditional close-toed jelly shoes, for they make my small feet look like plastic caged beings. But, I feel like they would look better on someone with bigger feet. I personally like more feminine shaped jelly shoes that remind me of regular sandals or flats. Throughout this rant, you can see some pictures of my jelly shoes and how they don’t come in the traditional style. Jellies not only come in sandal form, but they also come in flats, which is perfect. These can be worn to the office on a rainy or sunny day while still looking work appropriate.

These Sophia Webster jellies are on my wish list!

These Sophia Webster jellies are on my wish list! Source: Refinery29

3.) They are perfect for all types of weather.  Wear these in the rain? Totally. In the summer on a super dry day? Duh!  I will admit, jellies can get a tad slippery when it’s super wet outside. If you know how to avoid big puddles though, these really aren’t so bad. I really love wearing jellies on a hot summer day because they are airy and cheerful. Not to mention, they allow me to walk around town in comfort. If I want to jump in the pool or walk alongside some water, these are really practical and won’t get ruined.


Jelly flats!

4.) Jellies are super comfortable IMO. With a lot of shoes, you get blisters, so there you go. It’s not jelly specific.  In my experience, when you break jellies in, they are the most comfortable things ever. I’ve walked miles in my jellies.  Although they don’t ever really contain padding,  jellies seem  to mold to my feet. As a note, mine might be more comfortable than most shoes because of  the style of them; they are not caged like the traditional style, and enclose your feet tightly. As you can see in my pictures, they are very open, and simple.

5.)  They are timeless.  Jellies have been around since the 90’s and are here to stay. If you buy a pair of jellies, I feel like you could wear them for decades, if they last that long. Because jellies come in so many shapes and styles, you can wear them no matter what the current fashion trends are. They really do always work. On another note, I’ve heard some say that jellies don’t last a while and get smelly. I’ve never experienced this phenomena personally — I guess what you have to do is wash your jellies occasionally, keep your feet clean, and don’t wear them when you have cuts on your feet.

Photo Jun 30, 8 16 07 AM

I have two of the same pair in different colors — I love jellies THAT much.

Jellies were something I never thought I would ever consider wearing because they seemed impractical and too feminine. But NOW, I am the complete opposite. I’m a jelly fiend, and want a pair of them in every color. I want ones that are transparent, glittery, pastel, neon — I want a pair to match every outfit.  I swear by the name of jelly!

What are your thoughts on this jellies fashion trend? Should they stay in the 90’s or are you ready to rock a pair?