There are always surprises and great finds at Goodwill! However, am I the only person who keeps a wishlist of items they would like to discover at Goodwill? My list includes a coat rack for crossbody purses, a lamp, and a bookcase. It serves as a reminder for when I visit the store as I browse the aisles. 

A few weeks ago, while Christmas shopping, I finally found the perfect bookcase for my apartment. A few blog posts back, I spoke about finding books from Goodwill for my winter activity. However, the books had overtaken the small shelf I used for books. I had been on the hunt for the perfect bookcase because the space was small near my doorway. 

The bookcase has four shelves that can hold a variety of books from fashion to spirituality and journals. I was also looking for a lightweight bookcase because I would need to carry it to the second floor. The bookcase was in great condition and a complete steal for less than $9.00 from Goodwill. It is also helpful to see the books displayed to be able to pick and choose my next read. 

I encourage my fellow thrifters to continue their quest for their wishlist items. Thrifting is like a scavenger hunt for me and adds to the thrill of the search. It may take some time, but your perfect score is waiting for you! 

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