Dearest fashionistas, I’m excited to announce that this month’s Meetup is at one of my favorite Goodwill Maryland stores, the Rockville location!

Growing up, this was THE store that my family went to, even when it was at the smaller site, with fewer racks and items.

All throughout childhood to high school, I ventured to this specific store to buy everything under the sun. Specific beloved items I remember purchasing included a vintage black patchwork backpack for school, and a denim Jessica Parker jacket that I still wear ’til this day. Let’s just say that this particular store is quite near and dear to me.

And I’m especially excited to venture there with you at 8AM on October 29th!  We’re going to take our Halloween boogie on and shop until we drop. To get you pumped for our shopping trip, I want to share with you a quick recap of my latest and greatest Rockville sneaker finds of all time since Fall is a great time to take long walks.


Jeremy Scott Adidas


Ash sneakers

Ash sneakers

These two designers pairs of shoes continue to be show stoppers. In one shopping trip, I found a pair of Jeremy Scott winged Adidas sneakers (originally retailing for $200+), and these Ash blue and metal tone wedge sneakers (also originally retailing for $200+). I wish they both fit me though!

nike sneakers

Nike Sneakers

Some time ago, I also picked up these Nike wedge Air Force one kicks as well. The neutral green tones make them perfect for any brown or black fall ensemble. Pair these with jeans and a military-style coat and you’re all set!

What are you hoping to find at this month’s Meetup, fashionistas? Sign up for the event! See you there for a morning of shopping 🙂