A picture of the storefront of the Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center on Kings Highway in Alexandria Virginia

To conclude the long month of July, my fellow DC fashionistas, fashionistos, and I hit the Goodwill racks this past Saturday morning for my monthly Meetup series. For this edition, we ventured to the newest Goodwill in Alexandria, VA – the one with the beautiful brown storefront at 6220 Richmond Highway. And let me tell you, it was quite the success!

A collage of two pictures: the left picture is of an African American woman in a floral dress and jean jacket standing next to a chalkboard A-frame sign holding two thumbs up; the picture on the right is of an African American woman standing outside of colorful dressing rooms in a deep red dress

When the event began I couldn’t keep track of all the attendees because they kept rolling in with smiling faces! In total, it appeared more than 20 locals came out ranging from moms, dads, kids, friends, newbies… everyone! As usual, not a single person left empty-handed. We even had multiple budding Goodwill fashionisto babies there as well!

As always, not only were the attendees amazing but the staff was incredible to work with as well. The store manager and awesome staff ensured the store was well-stocked with name brands and ready for the morning frenzy.

A collage of four pictures: the one on the left is looking down a rack of cloths in a Goodwill retail store with a white and tan jacket at the front of the rack; the picture second from the left is of racks of shoes and leather belts; the one second from the right shows two mannequins, one with a blue sequin dress and the other with a olive green sleeveless woman's shirt; and the picture all the way on the right is a closeup of colorful cloths on a rack in a Goodwill retail store

The store was absolutely BURSTING with all types of finds; ranging from clothing, to vintage items, and even big pieces of furniture.

A picture of an African American woman holding up a black and white stripped dress

Many shoppers found brand new with tags items. A perfect example would be a new DC Goodwill Fashionista, Ms. Jo, and her $50+ dress find!

A picture of two women, the Caucasian woman in front is holding a Harry Potter tank top and the African American woman behind her is holding a blue and white patterned tank top

Some coworkers of mine even showed up as well! It was amazing to have that kind of support from my friends and it meant so much to me.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what I found on this trip. Like always, I found some true gems.

A collage of two pictures: the one on the left shows a tan, leather, Rebecca Minkoff purse, the picture on the right shows a close up of the brand plate on the purse.

For example, I scored a designer Rebecca Minkoff bag. This would have originally sold for over $200 and I scored it for under $5! What a steal!

A picture of a woman in a black, long sleeved top, blue jeans, and neon shoes standing next to a large brown M&M figurine

I also got this wacky and awesome M&M stand-up storage figure. I think I’m going to use it to store scarves and purses but I’m not sure quite yet. Any ideas? I got this baby for $12.50. Isn’t that wild?

A collage of four pictures: the top left one is of a color changing (between pink and teal) purse with a gold buckle; the one on the top right is of a white bag that has "Glam and Go" in black lettering on it, the bottom left one is of a red, yellow, withe, and orange top with a black collar and bow on it, and the one on the bottom right is of the furniture section at the Kings Highway Goodwill retail store

It’s always such a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals who love fashion and shop with smarts. There’s nothing better than shopping and meeting new people while contributing to a great cause and providing job opportunities in the community.

Come to our next Meetup if you couldn’t make it to this one! Stay tuned for more details or just sign-up for our Meetup group! <3