Fashionistas, if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of at Goodwill in terms of housewares and kitchen gear, it’s cups!

I’m absolutely obsessed with drink-wear of all kinds. Kitschy mugs, metro glass cups, teacups… you name it, I’m looking for it!

And luckily, Goodwill offers cups from every style and decade for well under $5 a piece.

Over the years my collection of cups has quickly been growing and today I’m showcasing 5 styles I’ve purchased for under $3 a pop. Come to think of it, each cup was under $1. Score!

These stylish cups featured today are some of my treasured vintage mugs, scored at Goodwills throughout the DMV.

A picture of two mid-century, modern, 70's styled cups. One is all orange and blocky with a large handle and the other is glass with a black bottom and smaller handle. Both cups are laying on their sides on top of a yellow patterned table cloth

Two sets of cups today, the orange blocky one and the glass/black ones, are both mid-century, modern, 70’s styles. These gems show cups certainly aren’t made like they used to.

As you see, both styles are modern and Art Deco. They were each produced in an era where minimalism was all the rage.

floral mugs

My next style today are these vintage mugs with a graphic floral design.  I’m pretty sure these are from the 70’s as well because the logo at the bottom is from a brand that was only produced during that decade. I cannot wait to rock these at an afternoon tea! Y’all are invited to attend, fashionistas. 🙂

A picture of four cups sitting on top of an ornate classical table cloth. Two of the cups are short, bourbon-style, art deco, pop art cups and two of the cups are tall gold and white printed with fleur de lis on them.

Finally, over the years, I’ve been collecting vintage glass cups to drink water and juice out of and/or just display.

These are my tall gold and silver printed glasses along with my short, bourbon-style, art deco, pop art cups.

I scored both of these glass sets at the Rockville Goodwill for under $5 per collection. Another glassware win in my book, that’s for sure!

A top down view of all of the cups mentioned in this post. There are two of the art deco bourbon glasses, one of the orange block mugs, one of the glass with a black bottom and smaller handle, two of the white mugs with daisys on them, and one of the gold and white printed taller glasses with fleur de lis on them

Fashionistas, have you found any unique mugs or glassware at DC Goodwill stores you’re proud of?