My winter style rut is awfully terrible this year, dear readers. I’ve stocked up on the spring issues of all my favorite fashion mags and have been trying to make a concerted effort to stray from my go-to black, brown and the occasional grey get-ups for work but, it is no easy task. My weekend style seems to remain exciting this time of year, but my 9-5 garb has gotten downright boring the last few weeks. In effort to stay on track with my style resolutions, I’ve started thinking about how I can bring the life of my weekend wear back into the office during the fog of winter.

Today, I’m playing with some style ideas for how you can rock your favorite flannel in a business environment. It doesn’t seem like me, does it? I know you may be thinking, I am pretty particular when it comes to office wear (probably because you caught this post – oh and this one, too). But, I am really trying to get outside of my style comfort zone at my day job. Flannel is definitely pushing my comfort envelop in the professional-sphere! Here are few ideas I’ve got for pulling it into the office.

Color and fit are crucial. You’ll need to be mindful of the color and fit of your flannel if you want it to have professional potential. Your boyfriend’s over-sized flannel you wear a top your leggings probably won’t be able to be styled for work. Don’t fret, there are tons of fitted styles that will easily layer into your wardrobe. Also, I would go for a piece that has neutrals that can be pulled in. Lucky for you, most flannels have a threads of blacks, browns, or navy.

Layers Are Everything, And More

Some flannels can add the perfect pop of pattern to your workday looks. Without over-doing it, you can layer a solid sweater, sweater vest or dress over top of the pattern to give it just enough sass. The example below shows the power of accessory layering. Adding some baubles will give your flannel a dressy feel. Yasi’s pearls perfectly balance the flannel she’s layered underneath.

Every Piece has A Perfect Pair

Lumping flannel into one category can be difficult because some are thick and woolly where some are light and darted. With a piece that is questionably casual, a more professional layering piece will be necessary. Take Katelyn’s look below, for example. She took a very casual pattern and layered a sleek, polished piece over it. This creates a completely work appropriate business look that has a uniqueness about it. There is color, shape and texture. Sounds like a perfect look to me!

Flannel for the office can not only bring a new, seasonally appropriate pattern into your work wardrobe; it can also save you cash. Finding ways to professionally style flannel can give it a two-for-one wear. You know what I always say, “it is all about versatility.”

Will you give your favorite flannel a try in the office?