Fashionistas, as you’ve heard countless times, I’m on a fitness kick filled with runs, cardio, and weight lifting. While I engage in physical activities, I still like to look cute and snazzy. So, when I saw this jacket at Goodwill, I picked it up immediately. I wanted to wear it for a 5-mile run that I embarked on a few weeks ago. But unfortunately it was too big.

So now it’s yours to wear this holiday season!

Leopard print zip-up workout jacket by Lucy

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Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a Lucy active-wear, zip-up, pullover fleece jacket. It is printed with a bold cheetah print and made of a stretchy, spandex, cozy material.

Fitting at an extra-small, this jacket is snug and form-fitting. So if you like to show off some curves, this jacket is for you.

This jacket is also practically brand new and probably retailed originally for about $70 at a Lucy branded store.

Due to the quickly dropping temperatures this season, I’d recommend layering this pullover with other bold prints, colors, and types of gear.

With layering you don’t necessarily have to always match. It’s more about keeping warm. So I always mix and match with the funky items I already have in my wardrobe.

Luckily, because this long sleeve jacket is printed with neutral colors, anything from a black to a bright turquoise will look snazzy.

Layer Up!



For a cold outdoor run or hike, pick up a pair of gloves, sweatbands, and a hoodie at Goodwill for comfort and warmth. Even though this pullover is technically a jacket, there’s no harm in throwing a hooded windbreaker or hoodie over top for added heat.

In terms of bottoms, simple long leggings will suffice. You might even want to layer shorts over top. However, if your leggings are thick and lined with other materials, an extra pair of bottoms is not necessary.

How would you layer with this cheetah Lucy pullover, readers?